Fellowship and Friends

Two happy families… :)

In my last post I wrote about us going to the Creation Museum last Friday.  After we spent the whole day there, we headed back to Ohio to visit some friends we had not ever met in real life before.  I have been following my friend’s blog for a few years now and she mine.  I knew we had a lot in common too.  So when I wrote her and told her that we would be in the area and I wondered if we could meet up,  she and her family so graciously open up their home to us.  We spent a lovely Sabbath together. It was wonderful for us all to visit.  God is so good!  Lord willing, we look forward to one day returning their kind hospitality.

Boys were thrilled to have other boys to play with!

two two year olds…. They are just 6 days a part in age! :D

Big brother giving little brother a ride. :)

Snacking on mulberries….


Two of my girls…. oldest and youngest. :)

Thank you so much,  Nicole and family!  We were so blessed and encouraged by our visit.

I’m thankful to the Lord for allowing us to meet and share together.  :D

Otherwise, it has been a busy, but good week.  We went strawberry picking again on Monday.  All went well until a little boy locked the van with the keys inside!  Makes for interesting memories, that’s for sure!  :D

Last week of piano and swimming lessons for the summer break.  Looking forward to having less appointments!!  :)   We felt a small earthquake here today.  It was strange, but praise God it was not worse!


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