A Little Girl is Three (needs pics)



Yes, today our youngest daughter turned three!  She was thrilled about it and now will hold up three fingers instead of two when asked her age.  She is such a sweetie!!

She loves to play with her sisters and brothers, she loves to play with her babies, she loves to colour and watch me work in the kitchen.  She is finally saying more words and can count to 3!  She is such a joy.  She is also a little mother for baby brother, which baby brother is not always happy about.  :)

Just thought I’d share a few pictures of our precious little girl.  :D

She brought me many sweet bouquets this past summer. :D

Our little mama :)

Late Summer picture

Also an animal lover :)

Last but not least, a picture taken today!

I pray that the Lord will continue to bless us with wisdom as we train this little girl to grow up and to love the Lord with all her heart and be a blessing to those around her.

P.S  We have one more birthday coming up this month  and it will be next week!  Be on the look out, because I hope to even share his long overdue birth story.  :D

I love hearing from you!!

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