Painting – A House Building Update

Finally after living here together for more than a year, we were able to paint over in my parents suite!!   A friend was able to help too, so we made great progress in two days and it is now all painted and it looks wonderful! My girls were great babysitters for our young ones and our friend’s baby.  :)

My boys were wanting to help, so we let them help me prime for a bit.  I then said to my mom, I should make a blog post saying, sorry we have no pictures, but just imagine me painting with two very eager boys and by time we were done my hair had turned white from the stress.  LOL  :lol:    Ok, it was not quite that bad, but it sure is easier doing the painting with those who know what they are doing, then those who were super eager, but had no experience. :lol:

Anyway, I did have my oldest daughter take some pics, so here they are.  :)

My boys and I priming the family room, I think my mom was painting too, but we didn’t get a picture of her.

One helper painting in the closest

Farmer boy was really trying to do a good job. :) He is always so eager to be of help…

Oh, and here is me, I think I survived… :lol:

Sorry about the picture quality, not sure why I’m having fuzzy pics lately… ????  Anyway, my parents hope to be moved out of here and in their “house” next month!  Exciting for all, especially them!!  :D

So this is another house building update!  :D

I love hearing from you!!

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