Walks With My Boys (needs pics)

On these wonderful autumn days that we have been enjoying, I have been trying to also fit in a walk.  So much more enjoyable than down in the basement on the treadmill.  :D

A cute raccoon we spotted in a tree, not sure what happened to this little fellow, because there was two excited dogs at the bottom of the tree barking away at the it. Dogs and raccoon were gone when we came back by on our way home.

My two youngest boys and I. :) I think this is a really sweet picture my oldest son took of us three.

Our boys! Sometimes I’m amazed that we have been blessed with these 3 boys. :D Each one is so different too. I love them all!

An interesting sky, if you look close you can see some rainbow colours. :D We saw a lovely rainbow just before we went out on our walk. :D


Our kittie happy to see us home again. I should have taken a picture of our horses, they were also looking over the fence at us as we walked by. :)

Anyway, it was a lovely walk.  My goal is to walk 500 mile this year total and so far I’m at 383.  I’m around 8 miles behind, but I plan to catch up!    I have felt so good since walking just about everyday too.  Another plus is that I have lost weight, I’m delighted about that!  :lol:

I love hearing from you!!

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