Since today is our precious baby boy’s first birthday, I thought it would be a perfect time to share his birth story with you all, since I hadn’t done that yet.  Wow, reading through it brought tears to my eyes as I was reliving it all while I read.  Birth is such a precious, special and amazing time.

Micah is such a dear baby boy and we a love him dearly.  He loves his mama and has a special place in his heart for my dad.  :D   He enjoys climbing stairs when we are not looking, and he will stand alone, but has not taken his first step.  He waves bye bye and loves to join in on the action songs we sing with the children.   He has blond hair, the fairest of them all, I like to say.  :)   I’ll post a birthday picture of him later on! (I’m scheduling this post) :D   You can see some of his first pics here :)

Happy Birthday to our precious “baby” boy!! :D

Micah David’s Birth Story – October 16, 2009

I was beginning to think this baby was going to follow its older brother and sister, by not arriving until after the due date.  Wednesday afternoon, October 14/09, I had a midwife appt.  We had a nice visit and baby’s heartbeat sounded good.  She did an internal and I was about 75% effaced and a good 3cm dilated.  That all sounded good to me.  Cervix was also very soft.  Anyway, we talked about doing a stretch and sweep of the membranes and I gave the go ahead to do that.  I had it done with the previous 2 births, so I thought sure why not.  I thought maybe baby would be born that night like the other two!  After I left the midwife, I did a couple of errands and then went home.  I was wondering when the contractions would start, but the rest of the afternoon and evening past and nothing happened.  Night came and I decided to go to bed at a good time, since I wasn’t sure if I would get a full night’s rest.  Morning came, but no contractions, I had a bit of show and a little discomfort, but all was well.  It wasn’t until I was doing school with the children later that morning, that I noticed contractions had started, nothing regular, but something was happening!  We had an early lunch, because of swimming lessons that afternoon and I was beginning to think I would stay home with K. and take a nap while she napped. I was going to let my mom take the older children to swimming lessons, because  I knew I probably wouldn’t get to sleep that night.  I ended up taking the children to swimming lessons, because B. age 4, wouldn’t go without me.  It seemed the younger ones sensed that something was up, because K. was clingy too.  So off to swimming lessons we went.   I had a few contractions on the way, but they were not too hard.  I just want to add here, I was really dreading labor and delivery this time.  I was fearful and not looking forward to experiencing the pain again.  I had been really praying to the Lord to take these fears away from me for a few weeks already.  I was so looking forward to meeting this new baby that I had been feeling grow close to my heart, but I was wishing I could skip the labor and delivery.  Anyway, while on the way to swimming lessons, we were listening to music on my ipod and this song just spoke volumes to me.

Precious Jesus, sweetest Jesus, come and claim your own
I am weary and seen your love spurned
You have given, You’ve been broken, your love stands alone
Yet so many, their faces have turned.

Yet, I’ll stand for I know you are with me
And your hand, it will never let go
Like a rock, You will shade and protect me
Give me power to live here below

Precious Jesus, sweetest Jesus, the hour is late
And your children are crying how long?
Give me strength and endurance to run this great race
Give me wisdom to tell right from wrong

And I’ll stand for I know you are with me
And your hand, it will never let go,
Like a rock, You will shade and protect me
Give me power to live here below

Precious Jesus, sweetest Jesus, time is running out
Help me labor for those who are lost
Help me tirelessly seek for the pearl of great price
And to seek it, no matter the cost

And I’ll stand for I know you are with me
And your hand it will never let go
Like a rock, You will shade and protect me
Give me power to live here below

This part “And I’ll stand for I know you are with me, And your hand, it will never let go,
Like a rock, You will shade and protect me, Give me power to live here below”

really spoke to me and I realized that I need not fear, for Jesus is with me and His hand was holding mine and He would not let me go.
After swimming lessons, I stopped at a children’s clothing store for few minutes and then we headed home.  Contractions were not really picking up, but I was having about four a hour.  I took a nap and then we had supper.  Around 7pm, I called one of the midwives and told her that I was having contractions and at that time, they had been coming every 7 minutes for the past 45 minutes.  So she wanted to me to keep her posted and to take a bath and if the contractions picked up, then I was to call her and we would make plans to head to the hospital.  Well, the contractions slowed down and we (husband and I) decided to put the children to bed.  So almost an hour later, my midwife called me and I had to tell her I hadn’t even gotten into the bath yet!  I told her the contractions had kind of slowed down and that I had put the children into bed.   Anyway, so when I did get a bath and was in there for 30 minutes, I had only one contraction during that time.  When I called her back, I told her that, so we (midwife and I) decided to head off to bed and that I would call when the contractions picked up and were 5 minutes apart.  So off to bed I went and I was really hoping I would get to sleep and that labor would pick up in the morning.  That all sounded so good to me!  Contractions kept coming every 20 minutes and then every 15 minutes and by midnight there were coming every 7 and very strong.  I needed to breathe through them.  I got up at midnight and just walking down the stairs really picked the contractions up, they were then coming every 3 to 5 minutes and very strong and painful.  I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be able to call my midwife!  I gave her a call and told her it was time to head to the hospital.   After I got off the phone with her I was  wondering if I was going to be able to make it back upstairs, to wake up my husband and change.  I almost thought I would have to head there in my nightie.  LOL  I made it upstairs and I woke up my husband and told him it was time and we got ready to go.  I told my parents and then woke up our oldest daughters. They were going to go and sleep in our room, so that if K. woke up, they would be there if she called for me.   When I got back downstairs, my husband came in from starting the van and he told me he had to brush off snow!  Sure enough it had been snowing and all was white!  We were in the van around 1am. We arrived at the hospital by 1:30am, as we were walking in, we met my midwife.  I had to stop a number of times and wait for the contraction to pass.  My midwife told me she would go to the register office and that Leif and I could head upstairs.  Once upstairs, I couldn’t remember which way we had to go, but then a nurse came out and saw us standing there in the darkened hallway.  She said, oh you are in labor, come, and I’ll get you into a room.  I chuckled inside, because I already knew I was in labor!  Once in the lovely birthing room, my midwife came in and then in walked another midwife who was in training.  I changed and then the midwife in training did an internal and I was 8-9 cm dilated.  That was music to my ears!  I knew I was getting close to holding our new baby!  That was about 1:40am.  Now backing up a bit, when I had done the GBS test around 36 weeks, it came back positive, a first for me.  I was told I would need antibiotics.  We talked about it that night again, and my midwife went over all the statistics etc…  and in order for the antibiotics to have a good effect, I needed 4 hours before baby’s birth.  I don’t like to take antibiotics, but would of course if necessary.  And I was more than willing to have the IV, but I wasn’t sure I could last four hours!    So since we saw that I was already so close to delivery, we decided to forgo the antibiotics and my midwife was comfortable with that.  So at 2:10, I had my water broken, contractions were already hard and after that I sure felt the urge to push, contractions were about five minutes apart, sometimes closer, sometimes farther apart. I like to sit on the edge of the bed when in labor, but needed to lie back for delivery. I always “feel” like I’ll lose control when lying back, even just a bit, so I was putting it off. But once I got my courage, I lay back a bit.  I was fully dilated and I could now push. A third midwife arrived, just in time to witness the birth.  I pushed through three contractions and on the third one, I could feel it starting to burn, so I knew baby was close.  I then gave gentle pushes through the next contraction and out came baby’s head.   That contraction then went away, but I gave another gentle push and baby was fully born and then placed into my arms.  What relief and joy!!  I looked right away to see whether boy or girl and both dh and I exclaimed together, “it’s a boy!” The time was 2:39am, just 30 minutes after the water was broken. I was so happy and was praising the Lord for this new gift.  I knew He had been with me the whole time and had answered my prayers.  I had nothing to fear about, He was so faithful!!  The placenta took a bit longer to come, but all was well.  When they looked over the cord, we then saw that there were two knots in the cord and it was super long. Praise the Lord for Micah’s safe delivery.  This is the first baby that we had a name picked right away, so we got to call him Micah right from the start.   Once all the paper work was filled out and the midwives were laughing and saying that is took longer to fill out all the paperwork, then it was for the birth, we prepared to go home.  Shortly after 5am, we packed up and left for home.  I was delighted to be home before the children were up.  They got to meet their new baby brother as soon as they awoke.  Everyone was delighted for another brother.   We also praise the Lord that our baby was healthy and had no signs of infection.  We kept a close eye on him and the midwives told me what to look out for (because of me being GBS positive), but he did not shown any signs of infection.  Micah didn’t even have jaundice and all my babies have had a bit of jaundice.  His agar was 9 at one minute and 9 at five or is it ten minutes, can’t remember now.  Micah was 9lb 9oz and 22 ¼” long.  :D

The Lord is so faithful and not slack concerning His promises for us.

I love hearing from you!!

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