Multitude Monday – 149-183 (needs pics)


I had some of this post ready for last Monday, but then homeschoolblogger  went down,

so I  couldn’t join in. Anyway, here is my list for the day! 



149.  Our sweet baby walking

150. The joy on baby’s face when he is carrying a ball

151. A warm house on a snowy night

152. Wonderful warmth from the wood stove

153. Special times with extended family

154. Pouring over old pictures

155. Reliving old memories

156. Yummy food

157. Delicious desserts

158. Laughter

159. Music

160. Good night kisses from my 3 yr. old

161. Sleigh ride

162.The horses pulling the sleigh, I couldn’t take a picture of the whole sleigh, our Amish neighbour gave us a ride and they do not like to have pictures taken of themselves.

163. Beautiful snowy scenery

164. Happy for the ride! :)

165. Watching my sweet baby boy toddling about

166. Praying with my children

167. Singing with my family

168. Sweet giggles from our youngest

169. Special laughs from happy children

170. Health

171. Love from my family

172. Hot water

173. Showers

174. Firewood

175. Hugs

176.  Cozy blankets

177.The Lord and His tender mercies towards us

178. Forgiveness

179. A precious girl’s birthday

180. My birthday girl and I. :D 10 years old!!

181. 10 years of life!!

182. The privilege of being a wife and mommy  :)

183.Thankful to be able to join in this week!  The Lord is so good.  :D








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