A New Book For Me

Recently I purchased a new book in hope of receiving encouragement and being inspired in this my beautiful calling. :D This book is titled Large Family Logistics by  Kim Brenneman.  I had yet to read the whole book, but what I have read, has really inspired me and given me encouragement to start writing out a daily routine and schedule and a weekly/monthly one as well.  I hope to share more on that once I finish reading, planning, talking to my hubby and writing it down.  My reason for writing up this post today is to let you know that right now Large Family Logistics is on sale at Vision Forum for only $12.00  + $5.00 shipping  in US and Canada until December 17,2010 I think this  a great deal!  If interested or you just want to read more about this great book, please click here:D

I hope to share more thoughts over the next few weeks.  :D   If you already have this book, please share about what you found most helpful to you, or blessed you most.  I’d love to hear!!

I love hearing from you!!

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