Baby Dear’s Birth Story (Our 7th)

My due date, Monday October 17th, came and went with no baby.  I wasn’t completely surprised, but yet I had dreamed of having baby earlier.  ;) Wednesday morning,  I had a midwife appt, we planned to do a stretch and sweep, but when midwife checked me, I was only 1-2 cm, but very soft.  I should also add cervix was very far back and hard to reach.  The midwife I had seen that morning was younger, but very sweet and she felt so bad because she couldn’t find it at first.  She ended up calling in one of the other midwives to see what she thought.  She found it, but  it was far back and she could only to a bit of a sweep, because of the position and all.  I had a bit of show after that, but zero contractions.

Thursday morning dawned bright and clear with no signs of labor starting.  I figured I would go about my day as usual, no point in sitting around and waiting.  Morning was spent with piano lessons, school and an early lunch.  Right after lunch, we all headed to swimming lessons.  Five of our six have lessons with the homeschool group. After the lessons were over, we slipped over to Wal-Mart for a brief stop and then headed home.  I planned to clean house and get most of our Friday housecleaning done that afternoon.  The children and I set to work, I noticed the odd contraction, but nothing really regular or strong, so I sort of ignored them, it wasn’t until I was cleaning the bathroom around 5pm, when I realized they were coming a bit closer and getting a tad stronger.  Not really painful, but I had to pause what I was doing.  I finished cleaning the bathroom and debated on whether I should go to the barn and milk the cow.  I know, you may be all surprised at that.  LOL :lol:   I decided to wait a while and kept on tiding and cleaning up.  It was getting close to 6pm and hubby was still not home from work, so I gave him a call and told him I thought it just might be baby night.  He arrived home about 6pm.  I went over to my parent’s in-law suite and asked my dad if he would milk the cow, I realized contractions were coming closer most of the time and getting a bit stronger, but I honestly thought I would labor like that for a while yet.  I came back over to our place and my oldest daughter had supper on the table for everyone.  I told my hubby I was not hungry and asked him to get supper together for our youngest and I was going to head on upstairs.  It was after 6pm, my mom headed out to a lady’s Bibles study, I had told her it was fine to go, because I was still thinking it was going to be a while yet.  Was I ever wrong!!  Not long after I got upstairs the contractions pick up and became quite a bit stronger and coming every 4-5 minutes, each one becoming more intense.  I called my midwife’s student (I was to call her first) and the message said she was off call, then I called my midwife and her message also said she was off call.  I called another midwife that my midwife said to call, and she as off call!  I was starting to feel a bit of panic!  So I called the next midwife and was filled with relief, she was on call!  I left her a message and while I waited for her to call back, I started to feel very overwhelmed and started crying.  I was crying when the phone rang, I picked it up and it was my primary midwife, she was surprised to hear me crying, I was able to tell her I was in labor and the contractions were strong and intense.  She told me she and another midwife would be out ASAP.  After I hung up, I was able to calm down, I called my mom to ask her to come back home and hubby got the children into their pj’s and sent them all over to Opa’s and Oma’s house.  The house was quiet and I could relax a bit and concentrate on the task at hand.  I also called my midwife back to tell her I was ok now and she didn’t have to be worried about me. (Just a note, I found out later that my primary midwife was on called that evening, but for some reason her message saying she was had not been recorded, she also had told the other midwives, that if I went into labor and she was off call, she wanted to be told, because she wanted to be at my birth.  How sweet to hear!) At one point hubby also asked me if wanted to go to the hospital.  I said no, I really wanted a home birth.  :D   I prepared our bed and then changed and sat on the edge of the bed, contractions were coming every 3-5 minutes and intense, starting to feel pushy as well.  Shortly after 7pm the midwives both arrived, I was happy to see them!!  I had a few more contractions while they set up and they also listened to baby’s heart rate, it was a happy baby ranging in the 150’s.  I had back labor this time, during the contraction, either hubby or a midwife would apply pressure to my lower back, that really helped, other wise it was ouch!!  Contractions were intense and some never really faded away.  Midwives started to fill the tub with water, just before I got in, midwife checked me and I was 8-9cm with bulging bag of waters.  Made a bathroom stop and then “hopped” into the tub, the warm water felt so good.  I then wasn’t sure how to sit and be comfortable and in control when contractions hit.  The best position for me was to lay on my side and lean over the edge of the tub, during the second contraction in the tub, my waters broke, a first for me!!  I’ve never had it break on it’s own.  :D   The water show a bit of meconium staining.  Midwife said it didn’t look to bad, but I was sort of worried, again that was another first.  Next contraction, I really felt the urge to push, I did and felt baby move down, next contraction, I pushed again and baby’s head was right there and I felt the ring of fire.  Pushed baby’s head out, took a rest and then the shoulders, that hurt.  Then out was the baby (“bloop, bloop”, yes, I remembered the MOMYS saying that!) and instant relief! Thank you, Lord!  I turned over quickly and took the baby up out of the water, the midwife was holding baby, but let me bring him out, I checked right away and exclaimed it as a boy!! He was born at 7:48pm.   He was so quiet, but had really good colouring.  I held him for a few minutes, just thrilled to be on the “other” side.  Once I was ready, the midwife took the baby and I delivered the placenta.  The midwife wanted me to to get out of the water, but I ended up just squatting over the water and delivered it.  I then made my way over to our bed and snuggled baby boy more and in a few minutes the children and my parents came in to meet their new baby brother and grandson.  I was in awe that I had delivered the baby before 8:00pm!   The children were thrilled to hold their baby brother who was not even  ½ hour old.  :D

First meeting! Our toddler had already been tucked into bed and I didn’t want to wake him and then have a fussy boy on our hands. 😉

First meeting! Our toddler had already been tucked into bed and I didn’t want to wake him and then have a fussy boy on our hands. ;)


My bleeding was a bit heavier than the midwife would have liked, so she gave me a needle to help with that.  Not a first for me…  After that the bleeding slowed down, I’ve had it worse before, but I knew midwife, hubby and I would relax better if I took the medication. All in all, I was feeling pretty good!  The midwife cleaned out the tub and filled it up again with a herbal bath for baby and I.  What a wonderful bath time with just baby and I.  I just sat in the water taking in my precious baby boy, it was a special time.  Dh had to go and sit down for a bit and just digest it all, it had happened all so quickly!
Joshua Stephen weighed 9lb 13oz.and was 22 inches long.  We all guessed he weighed 10 lbs, because he had such chubby little cheeks.  He had the cutest little pouts, but hardly cried.   Our first home birth went so well and I’m pleased and so thankful to have been able to experience a home birth, will do it again if we are so blessed again!  I will also say the water birth was neat, I do have one regret, I was so busy concentrating on pushing, that I had my eyes closed, I had really wanted to see baby being born and midwife had also told me I could help deliver baby with my hands, but when that moment came, I was just so overtaken with pain, contractions were very intense, that I “forgot” my dream.  That said, I’m still very thrilled and feel so blessed.  I can plan for that next time.

He has been such a good baby and all are completely in love with him.   I’m so very thankful to have Joshua, at the beginning of the pregnancy, I was told by both my dr. and midwife that this pregnancy was likely not viable, but the Lord’s plan was far greater, than what we could see here.  He had His protecting hand over our precious little Joshua right from day one.  I will just explain for those who may be new, I had 3 weeks of bleeding and then the bleeding slowed down, but I still saw it just about every day for another week or so and then off and on until 12 weeks.  I had an u/s at 9 weeks to see why and how far along in pregnancy I was and also to see if there was a living baby.  What joy filled my heart when there was that tiny beating heart on the screen.  I was overjoyed, no reason was ever given as to why the bleeding, but I know the Lord has a perfect plan for our baby Joshua and I pray He fills us with wisdom as we raise our little boy for Him.

First time for each of the siblings to hold their new baby brother. I don’t have of our toddler and baby taken that evening, because he had fallen sleep and was already tucked into bed. He was tired, because he had missed his nap. I’ll have to post a pic of him and his baby brother soon. :)



6 thoughts on “Baby Dear’s Birth Story (Our 7th)

  1. Joy commented…
    What a beautiful birth story, Tanya! I tried to read it sooner after you posted it, but I kept getting interrupted and I wanted to wait until I could really focus on it. 🙂

    I am so glad that you were able to experience such a beautiful home birth! After having 5 at home I hope I never have to have a hospital birth. I always wanted to try a water birth but we never have had a place to put a tub (and no tub in our bathroom), so I haven’t gotten to do that yet, but it sounds wonderful!

    I love the photos, and especially the sweet ones of the other children with their new brother. I’m sure they will always cherish that. Oh, and the one of you in bed with the new baby…so beautiful!

    I am just overjoyed for you, Tanya, and for the miraculous birth of your sweet son. And I love his name, too!

    I hope you’re getting lots of rest and time just to enjoy these days with a new baby. 🙂


  2. Tammy L. commented….

    Loved reading this, Tanya! Thanks so much for sharing your story. 🙂 What an amazing birth! (And I must say, I like the names too… both are in our family!) 🙂 Such sweet pictures… I am sure everyone is really enjoying the little guy. 🙂

  3. Kasey Commented….

    What an amazing story! Made me a tad jealous after my own “forever” twin labor that ended in c-section after nearly 16 hours of little progress. And these were the babies that were supposed to arrive EARLY! Jealousy aside, I am soooo happy for you! Beautiful story!!

  4. Esther commented….

    I love the story! I can relate to “the dream”. I told my hubby with the last one that I wanted to deliver her, he just snickered- like that is going to happen:-) It didn’t, the pain at that point in time is just too much, not my shining moments in life.

    Glad all went well and he is here.

  5. Danielle says:
    November 9, 2011 at 10:47 am

    What a lovely story! I’m crying tears of joy for you! All my labors have been that fast so I understand the overwhelming feeling… and to not have contact with a midwife would have made me cry too! What a wonderful blessing!

  6. A note about comments, since my blog was “lost” when homeschool blogger shut down, I hadn’t achieved any of it, but thankfully my hubby found it on an online archive and I’ve been slowly pasting it over here. 😉 So I just copy and paste the comments too. 😉

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