Don’t Take Things For Granted

This is day three of diaper changes being a time of tears for both toddler and almost for mama as well.  My heart hurts right along with the cries of my precious toddler.  On Sabbath morning, he woke up with a fever and diarrhea and I was being very faithful in making sure his diaper was changed right away because I knew he could get break out in a terrible rash if I didn’t.  But even with my faithful changing, he got fiery red rash.  OUCH!  Since then diaper changes have been a trial and something to dread.  As soon as I say we need to change your diaper, our dear toddler breaks cries out saying, “No, mama, no!”  I don’t blame him either, poor little fellow!

Diaper changing is a time when I chat or sing with our little guy and tickle his little toes and etc and  I can’t wait to get back to that again.  I’ve been reminded on how quickly things can change and how what use to be pleasant can become so painful.  What things we can take for granted, even something so simple  as changing a little ones diaper. May we never take anything for granted.

Thankfully things are healing, slowly but surely, but I wonder how long it will be before our toddler will not have fear over take him when I say, ok you need a diaper change.

Now to put the weight back on our petite  2 year old boy!!

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