Thank Your Children Often

This past weekend, I watched the DVD Tea With Michelle Dugger, which I had purchased along with some other goodies from Vision Forum with our recent giveaway win.   I was blessed, inspired and encouraged.  One of the many things that stood out to me was how we must praise and thank our children often.  I then realized I do not praise and thank my children enough.

For example, Friday is a busy day around here, we usually clean house and on top of that do school etc…  I depend on my children to help and with us all working together, we can get it all done. But I realized I didn’t  thank them for their help at the end of the day.   Wow… that has to change!  How can we teach them to say thank you and yet we as parents don’t thank them.  I know that when I do remember to thank them it makes a smile come to their sweet face and they go on, knowing they have been a help and that their help was very much appreciated.  Many other examples come to mind, whether it is going out to feed the calf her noon-time bottle or holding the baby for me so that I can finish up making lunch, or cleaning up their room when asked.
Far to often, we can be training and disciplining them, but we need to also shower them with praise and letting them know we are thankful for the good things they do.  And don’t forget LOTS of love!  😀

This was a good reminder for me and I’m determining to say thank you and to praise them for the things they do for me.  Should be lots of smiles around here for both me and our sweet children.  🙂

A little girl helping me make lunch

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