Spring Days

Spring days are always so lovely and pleasant.  The house has been quieter in the afternoons, because the children have been enjoying the great outdoors.  Today our big boys helped their Opa finish cleaning up the garden and Opa also got it all tilled.  I’m looking forward to planting season and watching the garden grow!  Which reminds me I had better place my seed order!!

I spent the day indoors, Baby Dear is sick and I needed to stay close to him.  He did have a good nap and seemed a bit better this evening.  I think the fever is from teething, poor little fellow.

Anyway, I had lots to keep me busy with while he napped.  I had decided to have my sewing station up in our loft upstairs, but now we have decided that the loft would be a great school area for our big girls.  Plus my sewing area is needing a larger room and I’ll be honest, my sewing area is not always neat.  So passing that every time I went to my room was discouraging.  LOL

So we are making progress, I have a room in the basement that I can organize as time allows and one day we will put down a flooring and drywall the walls and it will be my little sewing haven.  🙂  Until then, I’ll make do with what I have. 

Pictures!!  Like I have mentioned earlier I now use a different computer, so I have yet to hook up our camera and see how it all works.  Hopefully this Mac mini doesn’t complicate my life to much.  I have that on my to do list for tomorrow.  🙂  I have pictures I want to share from our trip, plus I want to share more details!

A little funny from today…

This evening when I went to the barn to do the evening milking our toddler accompanied me .  My big girls take turns helping and tonight it was my oldest milking on one side and I on the other  She called M. over to watch her and she asked him if he wanted to drink some milk.  She is my child that will do many things I’d never do! Anyways, she squirted the milk over and drank what she could catch with her mouth.  Needless to say, M. didn’t want to try it and he told S. that it was gross.  LOL  He is only 2 1/2.  I had a good chuckle…

2 thoughts on “Spring Days

  1. I've been mulling moving my sewing room too. I haven't asked my husband about it yet though, as I know I'm going to need his input on this task.I hope Baby Dear feels well again soon!Blessings!Deborah

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