March Travels Part #1

Our trip began on an early Monday morning.  Our first stop was going to be the Creation Museum in KY.  We arrived there about 1:30pm and enjoyed a lovely afternoon going through the museum once again and spotting small new things we hadn’t seen before.  We learned that Ken Ham was going to be there around 4pm for questions and book signing, so we got to meet Ken Ham! We had him sign a book a book we purchased and talk with him for a few minutes.  It was neat!   Our youngest daughter unfortunately was not feeling the best.  I had just gone to bed Sunday night and it was late, when I heard her crying, I went over thinking she just needed the bathroom, when we discovered she had thrown up over all her bed.  😦 Long story short, she got sick one more time and seemed to be feeling a better when we got her up to leave.  But then not long before we left the museum, she was sick again.  I felt bad for having to travel with her feeling sick, but she was feeling much better the next day, thankfully! 

After we left the Creation Museum, we drove another 5 or 6 hours to the hotel were stayed at in Pigeon Forge TN.  We had a good rest and the hotel and our free breakfast was at a Pancake house just down the road.  We had more pancakes then we could all eat!!  Everyone had a good breakfast and then we we given some containers to take along the pancakes we could eat.  That was another meal while on the road!  🙂

That night night we arrived just outside of Savannah GA.  Another good rest and a good breakfast and we head into FL.  We stopped at St, Augustine to swim at the ocean.  It was a gorgeous day and the children all wanted swim at the beach!  I didn’t blame them, I wanted to see the ocean too.

Running from the waves
After being in the van for 2 days plus, it was fun to run!
First time for those chubby baby feet to experience the ocean.

After we enjoyed the ocean for a while, we had a late picnic lunch or should I call it we cleaned out the cooler lunch and then went for a walk another a trail.  That was when the picture below was taken. 

 I’ll share more about our trip in a few more parts.  As you can see I’m able to post pictures once again and I’ll being sharing more soon!  I’ve been busy painting our little boys’ room this week.  My neighbour offer to help me, so that is what we were working on yesterday afternoon and this afternoon.  If you click here, you can get an idea of what we are trying to “copy”.  We have the upper and lower wall painted with 2 coats and next week we do the strips.  Should be interesting/hard or fun, I’m not sure. 

Everyone was feeling good until today, our second oldest woke up with a fever.  Hopefully she is feeling better in the morning.

We had a lovely weekend with a good church services.  We are so blessed and I’m so grateful for what the Lord Jesus did for us. 

2 thoughts on “March Travels Part #1

  1. Sounds like you had a great time! Love the photos. I can't believe how big your children are getting. In the first picture, I was wondering who the other lady was at first, and then I realized it's your tall daughter! 🙂 I like the room you're trying to model yours after…I desperately need to paint our boys' room. It has bright blue paint, which is fine, but then there's a girly border of bees and flowers at the top (from the former owners). Ian doesn't mind, but I'd like to make it look more masculine. :)Blessings!

  2. We did have a great trip! I know our children are getting so big, our oldest is a bit taller than me even. I'm 5'9 1/2"….I hope to post pics of the boys room next week! We have it painted, and next week we paint the strips. That should be fun! Thanks for stopping by, Joy! I always love "seeing" you. 🙂

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