April Challenge

On MOMYS some of us are doing a month long decluttering challenge.  This is our second week, some of last week’s jobs were to go sort/clean out one junk drawer, go through the bookshelves, toys, and so on.  I did well last week.  We have bags and boxes ready to go to the Goodwill!! This week I didn’t get to join in until today, so I did 4 of the jobs this afternoon.  One was to go through the cookbooks, purse, sewing room, and one pile of papers.  I had a pile of papers which got transferred to a box recently, so that is what I tackled.  I cleaned out the diaper bag, which is also my purse and I spent 1/2 hour in my sewing room.  I made good progress and was able to sort some scrap material, my notions and organize that.  I’m excited about having a sewing room!!  The room is not finished yet, but hopefully we can work on that sometime.  I’m just happy to have every thing all together.  This challenge has been good to keep me motivated on organizing/decluttering our home.

I have to keep in mind that my family is important and not to allow this to become my focus.  I know what I want done and then I want to get it all done in a day or week, but it is going to take time.  My family’s needs come first.

Anyway, just thought I’d share what I’ve been doing!  Tomorrow, I hope to post part 2 of our trip, or  at least get started on it.  🙂

One thought on “April Challenge

  1. Good for you, Tonya! In February I took part in an organizing challenge. It was hard work but blessed our family greatly. And had the added benefit of motivating me to do more!Keep up the good work.

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