A Neat Experience

My second daughter and I have taken up biking every evening the past week and a half.  Today, we decided we were just going to go up to the corner and back, instead going on like we had been doing.  Our legs are a bit sore.  🙂  Anyway, I got up to the corner and was waiting for R. ( uphill to the corner) 🙂 and I had the thoughts of going on, instead of turning around.  So I ask R. if she wanted to go on and also I thought maybe we could turn right instead of turning left like we have been doing.  R agreed and off we went.  It was a beautiful summer evening with included a lovely breeze.  We went down the road a ways and I decided we were turn around when we got to the edge of the forest.    We turned around and were just going to head back when we heard a little “maa!”  R. pointed out to me a little white goat!  He tried to come up out of the ditch towards us and it was like he was asking for help or telling us he was lost!  R. and I wondered who’s little goat this might be belong to and I decided that I’d go back to the Amish farm at the end of our road and see it is belonged to them.  R stayed back with the young goat.

So I bike back to the farm and saw Mrs. B. out in the barn doing chores.  I asked her if they had any goats and I told her about the little one we found.  She told me they did have a goat and it was probably theirs, but her husband was out threshing and he would not be able to come and get it until later.  I left feeling good that we knew where the kid belonged, but sad that we would have to leave it.  I knew it would probably wonder off and not be there when Mr. B. could come looking for it.  I biked back to R. and the whole time wondering how I could get this little goat home and safe.  When I reach R. and the goat, I saw another Amish cart coming down the road towards us.  I thought here is my answer, I can stop this buggy and see if they can take the goat back and they were even headed the right way! 

The man stopped, while actually his horse wasn’t sure of what we were doing, so I told the man about the kid and wondered if he could take it to the B’s farm.  He said sure, I held his horse and he caught the young goat and put him in the cart he was driving and off they went!  I was so relieved and happy.  It looks like the kid got injured, he couldn’t use his right front leg, no blood, so I wonder if it got broken or dislocated. Who knows what happened and I don’t know how long he was missing. Anyway, the Amish man took the goat to the owners and I was thankful.

The Lord knew that little goat was lost and hurt and He had us go down that way to get him home back safely.  Such a wonder feeling to be used by the Lord, even for one young goat.

“Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Matt. 25:40

4 thoughts on “A Neat Experience

  1. That is a neat experience, Tanya! I love the pictures you've posted of your summer trips…looks like you've been having such a wonderful time, and enjoying lots of beautiful scenery!I hope your day is blessed!♥

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