A Evening Walk in the Woods

We have enjoyed a good week here.  We are back to school and with that brought some changes, big changes.  This year our two oldest daughters are attending school for the first time ever.  I’ll share more on that next week, but it sure is different not having them around during most of the day.  We do miss them!

Anyway, this evening the girls had youth group and hubby went to drop them off.  That left just me with the middles and littles here at home.  We cleaned up the supper table and washed most of the dishes and headed outside for a walk back to the bush.

Heading to the bush!
Happy baby, he enjoyed the ride.  ๐Ÿ™‚
Precious baby boy….  I took this picture so hence the funny angle
Tree house stop…
heading down the path/hill.  ๐Ÿ™‚
Monkey vines!!  What fun!
Running down the path…
Tree climbing…
Ready to head home, notice how M on the left has one shoe on and one shoe off, he was coping his older brother who had decided to walk with one shoe off because something kept poking his foot.   So funny in what toddlers copy!!  LOL

Happy farmer boy!

We had a lovely walk through the woods, we ended up walking a bit farther off the trail and we were just heading back to the main trail when farmer boy noticed that his toy airplane was missing from his pocket.  So we all had to retrace our steps to see if we could find the missing airplane.  Before we went on to far, I told the children to say a prayer asking the Lord to help us find this missing plane., which we all did. It was a bit harder because we had been just following a deer trail, so we tried to walk where we had been before, but no sign of the lost airplane. We made our way bath to the path and keep our eyes down looking for the lost little plane.  I search the area where we had stopped for a picture and we searched around the tree they had climbed, but still no plane.  I then reminded the boys about the “monkey vines” and sure enough that is were the missing plane had fallen.  Farmer boy was so delighted!  He treasures his toys and does take good care of them, not like some others here in the family.  We all thanked the Lord for his help in finding this plane and joyfully headed on home.  It was a good walk and we also received a  lesson in how the Lord does hear our prayers even for a little lost red airplane.  ๐Ÿ™‚

The Lord is good!

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