Random Pictures From The Week

We have had a good week here thus far and I thought I’d share a few random pictures with you all.  Being real pictures…  😀


It has been a good start to school this year…

I think someone had fun throwing the clean laundry onto the floor…
He wanted to pose like this…  lol
We look for this every afternoon!

“Mmmmmmm, mom can I have some?”  lol
Clean up time, I’m always amazed at how big of a mess can be made in that room… *sigh*
Oh, this has buttons!
Pears, pears, and more pears…
Busy at work…
Screwing on the rings…
Ok, it this a sign of what is to come?  Mess makers on the move, watch out!!

I’m so thankful for the help of my children, those of us here all day have started to get use to the girls being out taking over things they use to do.  We are getting into the groove and I’ll share my school post is next!

2 thoughts on “Random Pictures From The Week

  1. Lol! It looks just like here! You found pears?!? They were cheaper than apples here this week, but still not inexpensive enough for me to can them. I would really love to make some cinnamon pear jam yet though…Blessings!Deborah

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