A New Season in Our Home School World

I always thought I’d home school all the way, but not now. We’ve struggle with high school and my husband and I decided we would put our two oldest daughters into the local private Christian Reformed school. Our oldest will be redoing grade 9 (she was already ahead with her age, so doing this will fill in the missing gaps and also put her with others her age) and the next one is going into gr 7, we wanted to have both go, so one was not alone there. Our oldest really wanted to go to school, our other one was not so sure.  The first day of school she went through what first graders go through on the first day of school.  She was in tears…  My mama’s heart broke for her.  Anyway, we went to school later in the morning and she was with the other girls in her class and all was well.  She came home beaming and she couldn’t wait to go back the next day.

It took me a while to get use to this idea, I felt like I had failed as a homeschooling mom, but I’ve gotten over it(I think) and am happy for them. I will still be homeschooling, I’ll have one in grade 4, one finishing up grade 1 and going into 2 and another in kindergarten, this has given me a lot more time to focus on the younger ones.

I was home schooled myself, but I don’t have all my high school. During my high school years we were with friends, that did not put much importance on getting your high school education, I’m not blaming my parents in anyway, but that did affect the high school I was able to get. I don’t want this for our children. If I just had the two girls, then I’d learn right alone with them, but I don’t have enough hours in a day to do it all!   So for now this is what works, we will see how the Lord leads us in the future. 

So this is a beginning of a new season, school has been going for 3 weeks now.  So far so good!  I’m so glad I still have children here, I miss my girls and it did take us a while to adjust to our new routine, but everything is falling into place nicely. 

So now I’m in the mix group of home school and private school… not sure what to call it.

Just wanted to share, I’ve had a bit of fear of what others would think, but I remind myself we are raising our children for the Lord and not for others. The way we school our children is also not my identity.  The Lord has been clearly leading us and for that I’m very grateful. 

This is what we are doing this year

Grade 4
Math – finishing up some math from last year and
Word Building(Spelling) – ACE
Language Arts – A Beka
Apologia Science –  Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day
Reading/Literature – Building Our Lives and Workbook (Pathway readers)
Social Studies – Into All The World (CLP)
Bible – (CLP)

Grade 1&2
Math – CLP  We have 4 more booklets and then we are start gr. 2
Phonic – Explode the Code
Apologia Science –  Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day
Social Studies – Our Father’s World (Rod and Staff)
We will be starting the First grade reader soon, He is now starting to read the sentences in his phonic book.  Teaching him to read has been a bit of a struggle, but he is doing well and I can see him taking off soon!  

Kindergarten is made up of the preschool books offered at Pathway and CLP
Also we are going through the first set of books before you start the Explode the code.   Our little girl loves to do school. 🙂

We sit at the kitchen table and we can usually get our school done by lunch time.  I’m really enjoying doing the Science with the boys.  We do it together and we are all having fun!   We love the Apologia Sciences and Journals that go with them.  🙂

So that is what is happening here this school year.   God is good!

4 thoughts on “A New Season in Our Home School World

  1. I love reading your blog. You have such a beautiful family. I have 4 children but only homeschooled my youngest. Each child is so different and each homeschooling family is just as different in their situations and needs. You have to do what is best for you and your children and not worry about what others may say. I am old enough to be your mother but have learned so much from you. You are doing a wonderful job as a wife and mother. Thank you for taking the time to share your life in blogland. When I read your blog I feel as if I am reading a letter from a good friend even though we have never met! We are sisters in Christ and one day we will meet in Heaven.

  2. Oh Tanya, never feel that you are failing as a Christian wife and mother if you don't homeschool them all the way through! God gives us wisdom and a conscience and if we are honest with ourselves and faithful to ask Him, we will discover and know what is best for our children. I too hesitated to say I was giving up homeschooling (and I gave it up with four of them at once! Talk about a big step!), but now that I see how my children are not only surviving, but thriving, I'm glad we listened to the call of our hearts. It enables me to be a better mom when they're home and to get some things done during the day that just weren't getting done. It is also a huge blessing that we can send our children to Christian schools and though they aren't perfect, it's comforting to know that the children's teachers have their best interests in mind and that they are being taught God's word daily. Never doubt for a second that you are a great mom! Thanks for sharing your heart!Love and blessings!Deborah

  3. I am enjoying your blog this morning! What a lovely family. I am in Virginia, and a mom to 9, expecting again in late January.I think it's nice that you were able to put the children in school with confidence. It sounds as if it is going super well! (We are homeschoolers, too.)Blessings!Kim W.

  4. I am glad you have more and more peace about the schooling situation. I understand about feeling really stretched with so many to school– I rejoice that God has provided for you! Enjoy His blessings!

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