First Week of School 2013

This week was our first week back to school since our winter break.  It was good to get back into routine, even though times tables, nouns and verbs were forgotten.  Hopefully next week well go better in that respect.  Otherwise, it was a good week, except I did drive an hour for a dentist appointment, but when I got there I found it was for next week!  Yikes!  I’m not sure how the mix up happened, because I do remember now about the date being changed so that I could bring the four children who needed to see the dentist on the same day.  Anyway, that won’t happen again!    So we had a nice Wednesday afternoon drive…  At least the roads were good that afternoon…..

So a new year is upon us.  I didn’t make any resolutions…  Well, I am praying about how I can simplify our life more.  I like to think of a phrase from a song I knew as a child, “Keep my life simple, keep my life sweet, I want forever to sit His(Jesus) feet.  It is so easy to get caught up with things of this world and forget the real important ones.

I have not blogged since last October, so I’ll share some things we did in my next post.  But for now, about our youngest.  He had a bit of a mishap and we are still not sure exactly what happened, but he knocked out one of his front teeth!  Anyway, he is doing ok and didn’t seem to be to bothered by it all.  I think it affected me more then him!  I felt so terrible!  He is still our happy little fellow and such a ray of sunshine!  🙂

Hubby and I plus the youngest 3 went on a small business trip with our neighbours.  I’ll share about that in another post.

Happy New Year and may you be showered with all of God’s abundant blessings.

2 thoughts on “First Week of School 2013

  1. Oh no! Poor little guy, but your right he doesn't seem affected by it. I've been praying and working on simplifying too. So far a change in our — actually my — routine has been helpful.Blessings!Deborah

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