Our Trip In November – Part 1 of 2

Back in November,  hubby and I, along with our three youngest children went on a business trip. Also on that trip my husband’s work partner and his family, who are also our neighbours came along.  We were gone about 4 days and we had an enjoyable time.  On the first full day in Ohio, us mamas took the children (5 total – 5 and under) to the Children’s Museum in Cleveland.   We were able to spend most of the day there and the children had lots of fun, although by about 3pm or so, it was showing that nap time had been missed.  We stayed until just before closing and then we headed out to pick up the men who spent the day at the VSA.  (Violin Convention/Competition)
He loves this little tractor!!  They had a farm room all in the theme of the “Big Red Barn”.  I use to have that book memorized!  LOL  It was a favourite book at one point with the children.   I’m not even sure where that book is now…
He could only make the tractor go backwards…  I was coming to “recuse” him.
Another room had a water table, what fun!!  🙂
A playhouse!!
Grocery shopping!
I think a little small yet to be a bus driver though…  🙂

The children also did some painting and enjoyed another larger room that had sets of how people lived many years ago.  It was a fun day!

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