Our November Trip – Part 2 of 2

Looking at the above picture, where do you think we spent day 2 in Cleveland??
If you guessed the zoo, you are correct!!  🙂
The lions and we even got to hear the daddy lion roar, is this pic he is hiding.
Huge Elephants      
Tall Giraffes
Furry Koalas
Colourful fish, baby dear loved watching them swim.
Outside of the lodge by the wolves.  Here is Balto….
Spent a bit of time at the playground
Happy boy
Precious baby boy!!

The weather was cool, but not to cold.  It was around 8C and sunny.   I think the children enjoyed the zoo even more then the museum the day before.  We saw seals swimming in the water, rhinos running and kangaroos hopping too.  Plus we had a ride on the tram and walked through the rainforest.  I really need to print out the pictures I took that day and put them in an album for our 3yr old.  He loved the zoo and talk about it often when we got back home.  🙂

We then headed home the next day.  It was a good trip, the men enjoyed their time at the VSA and we mamas enjoyed our time out with the little ones.  

I love hearing from you!!

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