Farm Life…

We now have our third goat and I named her Moon Dance.  She is settling into her new home nicely and she should kid in a couple months.  Slowly we are building up my dream farm!  πŸ™‚  I’m milking Morning Star now and her milk is delicious.  I just separate Moon from mama for the nights and let him be with her all day.  He sure doesn’t like to be away from his mama, but so far this is working out well. 

Moon loves to be on top of the world….
The children love to go to the barn and spend time with the goats
Kittens are another favourite attraction at the barn.  Callie had two and they are both so cute.
B. with her kitten, it was her cat that had the kittens.  πŸ™‚
Mama (Callie) and her girls. 

So that is a our short farm life update….  I was going to post more, but while I was sitting here, I heard something fall behind me. I had totally forgotten that I was making bread in the Bosch and it was rising for a bit.  Well it rose so high it knocked the lid off.  I’ll need to shape the dough into loaves in just a few minutes, so I’ll post this and share more tomorrow.  πŸ™‚  It sure is handy to have my desk here in the kitchen, but sometimes I forget I’m suppose to be doing other things.  LOL

4 thoughts on “Farm Life…

  1. A wonderful life you have!Laughing about the bread – I've the same thing. I've also had the bosch 'walk' right off the counter. I imagine your family is enjoying that fresh bread by now :0)

  2. Thanks for stopping by to the both of you! I do have a wonderful life, even if overwhelming at times. πŸ™‚ Oh no about the bosch walking off the counter! Yes, we enjoyed the bread, it's almost time to make some more.

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