A Walk In Our Woods

A couple of weeks ago now, the boys and I went for a walk in our woods.  It was such a delight to see green, splashed with colour here and there.  I love the season spring!!  So much new life….

We were walking along the path leading to our woods, when all of a sudden a duck flew out of the grass. We soon saw this nest! I just checked on this nest a couple days ago, and mama duck is still sitting on her clutch. I was surprised to find this nest here, I thought they would nest closer to the pond.

Me and two of my boys…. 🙂

These are the boys that came on the hike. 🙂 Baby Dear was napping. 🙂

Pretty violets

Pretty yellow violets


This fern is almost as tall as me, mom! 🙂

Interesting fungi…

Beautiful apple blossoms….. The trees are loaded out back!

Lovely meadow, so peaceful… 🙂

The purpose of our walk was to go and see if the trilliums were blooming. We found some, but they were not as plentiful as it has been in years past. They were still lovely and we enjoyed a great walk!

Here in the house, we’ve been busy planting in the garden and getting school work done.  One son is just about finished for the summer, the other one has a bit more to do, but it shouldn’t take too long.  I’ll post an update on life here next week.



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