We Have A Kitten In The House

The title says it all, but I’d like to share that we have a new kitten in the house!   She was one of the kittens from Callie, the barn cat.  She is just the sweetest, most adorable little kitten and we are all enjoying her.  🙂

Here is Kadasha.  🙂

She attacks the stuffed animals around here too. 🙂

It’s so fun to watch her scamper around, jumping at this and pouncing on that.  Song, our other cat, is not quite impressed with the new addition to the family, but she is s-l-o-w-l-y getting use to her.  As long as she is not pounced on, she is ok.  🙂

The little ones love her, but I do have to remind them to let Kadasha have down time. 🙂

2 thoughts on “We Have A Kitten In The House

  1. Jeremy will be pleased! We’re hoping to make a trip out your way this summer, we’ll see… getting our house ready to sell could consume me!

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