Working With Our Children

Last week we had a day filled with schooling and chores around the house.  Plus we were able to get some outdoor work done too.  I took on the job of pruning the dead raspberry canes.  We have 3 rows and they are l-o-n-g rows…  Raspberries are prickly to work with as well.  Anyway, since we have just two pruners, I headed out to the raspberry patch with our 7 yr son.  He was going to be my first helper and he was anxious to get out thee..  We worked there together for quite a while and chatted about different things.  He’s our farmer boy and he enjoys being outside and working.  I can remember last summer seeing him out in the garden hoeing, even without me asking him too.  I’ll mention before anyone thinks he is the dream child, he does love to play as well, but when he is working it’s good.  So after a time, he wanted a rest and I told he to tell his older brother to come out.  Older brother is more of a book lover.  He comes out and is complaining about the work being hard, but I was able to change that attitude quick, by asking him what his favourite stories in Adventure in Odyssey were and we then continued talking about our favourites and that help make the time go by faster.  We got one row almost done before it started to rain.  Working with two brothers, but they have such different personalities!!

My second helper, we had a great time chatting together while we worked. 🙂

Mama busy at work…. 🙂

This looks so much better! 🙂

Anyways, when I went out to tell hubby it was supper time, it just melted my heart to see our farmer boy hammering nail in the fence.  🙂

Farmer boy busy hammering…

After supper, we went out and I finished up the last of the first raspberry row, and then we emptied the dead raspberry canes from the trailer and we help hubby clean up wood that was left by the fence.  He had cut off the tops of the fence posts.

Watching daddy cut the fence post down to proper height. 🙂

Sweet little girl… Growing up too quickly….

Hard workers…


This made me think about working with our children and how we can make it a pleasant task.  We can work with our children along side us and we can make such pleasant memories while doing it.  There is a time for them to each have their own chores to do, but when we can do things together it can be so fun!   I was thankful I thought of something fun to talk about with big brother, because otherwise, the time could have been so different.  Working hard is a good thing to pass onto our children and I know myself included, I can often think, I’m too busy or I can get this done a lot quicker myself, but I need to include the children in my work and it’s good for them and for me.  🙂

Future drivers…. Farmer Boy and Baby Dear

Such a beautiful calling this is….

My life here as a wife and mama.

4 thoughts on “Working With Our Children

  1. Hello, Beautiful Friend!

    This post was so sweet and really gave me a glimpse into the love and energy you are putting into your children. It is precious to see them all working together with joy! Sure do miss you! PS. I’m featuring your blog on the link-up this week!

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  3. Oh, my! How they are growing! Your post just makes me smile 🙂
    You always encourage, inspire and challenge me, Tanya. Thank you so much for sharing your life, your heart with us.

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