I know it has been some time since I’ve last updated here!  The days turn into weeks and the weeks into months and I still haven’t taken the time to post.  I need to change that!  This is my journal of sorts and I don’t want to forget these precious, yet very busy years.  So I must schedule time each week for my humble blog.  🙂

Trying to grow potatoes in a bin this year…. So far they look great!

 Where to start?????

Well our garden is doing well, thank you Lord!  We have been harvesting beans and pickling cukes.  I have peas, but here’s a very honest moment from me…  I know the peas are ready, but I haven’t even taken the time to pick them.  They fell over and that is the only patch of the garden that is weedy.  I’ve come to think that peas are not worth the time it take to pick and shell and then you have just a tiny bowl to show for it.  So next year I’ll just plant a row and trellis them right away and just enjoy them for eating.  That all said, I’m hoping to pick them tomorrow.  🙂  I just have a couple rows…..

 Beans are doing really well, I have many large ziplock bags full in the freezer and I’ve also pickled a few.  Yum!!

 Pickling cukes have doing well and so far I have close to 60 jars.   No signs of dying back yet…..

 Right now as I write up this post I’m cooking a large pot of relish!

Everything else is growing well and we are staying up top of the weeds.

So that is a garden update….

Garden from the front porch…..

I’ll save other updates for the next few posts…..  For now I must take care of the relish!

One thought on “Summer…

  1. So glad to see an update! I have read your blog for quite some time but have never commented. What a productive garden you have! I too feel the same way about peas and neglected ours as well….maybe I should just stick to green beans which seem to thrive abundantly here! Have a wonderful rest of the summer and be blessed!

    Angela 🙂

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