First Week Back to School (&more)

Aren’t these beautiful?? Sunflowers have to be one of my favourite flowers!!

Well, here we are!  September has come and along with that school days are back, plus more harvesting and canning from the garden.   We are easing back into school this week, because we also have salsa to make, corn to husk and freeze and apples to turn into applesauce.  So the subjects we are tackling this week are Bible, math, grammar and spelling.   So far all has been going well, although I haven’t yet check some math work, so I guess that will determine how much was retained during the summer.  I had great plans of keeping up with some math, but that didn’t happen.  I know I’m not the only homeschooling mom who may have made some summer “school” plans, which never got done.  I was talking to another mom just a couple of weeks ago and she was like me, made plans, but that was as far as it got.  Summer was busy and seemed to just fly right by!

Our two oldest daughters are once again attending a local private school… Today was day two, although our oldest stayed home sick in bed.  😦  Hopefully she is feeling better in the morning!

So while I sit here and type…  cooking on the stove is another pot of apples and the canner is full of jars filled with yummy applesauce.    School was done in record time and the children have been a great help in making this applesauce.  The big boys have been putting the hot, cooked apples through the Victoria strainer carefully, while I was cutting apples and washing jars etc…   At first the same old thoughts arose when I saw the mess and how I’d probably be able to do without quite the mess, but I quickly hushed those thoughts away.  I’m very thankful for their help and happy that they want to help.  What they are learning here is just as important as what they learn in their school books.  Learning to work and working together in harmony will be very beneficial.   At the end,  this kitchen will be cleaned up and sweet memories will have been made.

So once the applesauce was finished and the last jars were in the canner and the kitchen semi cleaned up, I decided I had better go and pick corn.  So now as I’m finishing this post, I have corn cooking and I will have to cut it off the cob and freeze before I can head off to bed.  Busy day for sure, but the children were a big help, even though they had their moments at times.  Not always willing to be dependable, but they are learning.  🙂

It’s been a good day!

Before I close this post, I decided to share some real life pictures of how the kitchen looked by the end of the afternoon.

I’m so blessed and grateful for the bountiful harvest and all of God’s abundant blessings.  🙂  Corn is all blanched and I’m off to cut it off the cob!!

I love hearing from you!!

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