Even in the Rain

A couple of weeks ago, we were experiencing what seemed to be an extra busy week.  Looking back I don’t think it was really that much busier then usual, it just felt that way to me.  School work, peaches and taking care of garden produce made for a busy week.  The same has been happening this past week too, but we were canning pears instead and I felt like it was a good week.  That particular week I felt  overwhelmed and like I was barely keeping my head above the water….   Anyway, on the Wednesday, it was very hot and humid.  A perfect day for one last time at the beach, but there was a severe thunderstorm warning out, so we decided to stay closer to home and visit a nearby river and let the children go cray fishing.

So far the sun was still shinning, but by the time we were ready to go, the sky was looking very dark to the west and I was beginning to think we should just stay at home.   Hubby thought we should go as the children really wanted to do this, so off we went.  Before too long it started to rain and rain it did…..  it just poured!!!  I was feeling grumpier and grumpier with each raindrop, saying out loud that we should have just stayed home.  My spirit was not right and that was not good.

The rain lasted about 15 minutes and to the west we could see blue sky!  We parked by the river and by then it was just lightly raining and that soon let up within a few minutes.  The Lord spoke to me through my hubby on how I should just enjoy the moment and I was convicted…  I choose joy and what a pleasant and refreshing evening we enjoyed.  Sure the grass was wet, but that didn’t matter, there were puddles to play in and the children were down in the river anyways!

Off on a mission to let the cray fish go again. They had over 20 and all different sizes too. 🙂

Friends came and spend the evening with us and my soul felt refreshed and relaxed.  The children caught lots of cray fish too.  It was a wonderful way to spend one of the last picnics of this summer.

So I learned to treasure the moment….. even if it was raining.  😀

God is good all the time!

I love hearing from you!!

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