School Break Is Over

We enjoyed a good week.

Weather wise at the beginning of the week, we were in a deep freeze, but now we are back up to melting temperatures. It would be perfect snowman making weather now!

So we are back to school here. Our two daughters that go out to school had 3 snow days because of very cold weather. Those days the temperature was around -20C and lower and then there was a windchill on top of that. It was cold!!!! The Christmas school break was an extra 3 days longer and the girls didn’t mind.

Here in our homeschooling, we eased back into school. Now we are back to full school days, the first couple days, my mother in law was here, so our days were a bit out of our normal routine. She did enjoy helping Kaitie with her school work. I feel ready to get back to school and see lessons get completed! 😃

In puppy news, we just have one male left. Micah named him Prince Caspian, so we are working on house training him, so that he doesn’t have to spend all his time in the puppy pen. We have had a few more inquiries, so I’m sure we will find him a new home. I feel sort of sad that the puppies are gone, but we won’t miss the added work. It was a good experience.

I’ll end this post with a pic of our cute Prince Caspian. 😉


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