Musings From This Past Week

Another week has come and gone…  It was a good, yet another busy week here on our little acreage.

Good week in the school department…

In Science,we are studying the Swimming Creatures of The Fifth Day and this past week our chapter was about stingrays and sharks.  Did you know that the Manta Ray can be 22 feet wide and weigh up to 3,000 pounds?  Amazing….

Math this week was made up of addition, subtraction, fractions, multiplication and division.  When you think of it, that is what math is about most of the time!  LOL

Grammar was contractions(isn’t, hadn’t and that sort of thing)  for our third grader and prepositions  for our fifth grader.

First grader finished her first grade one reading book and now we are on book two.  She learned the “sh” and “qu” sounds in phonic and is doing so well.  🙂

Plus Bible, reading, history/geography and spelling filled the school days as well.

Our preschooler learned the letter “C”.  We will be working more on the letter “C” this coming week as well.  I’m sort of doing Before Five In A Row.  So next week’s book will be “Caps For Sale”, it’s a cute little book and I’ll share more on that next week!

I did managed to fit in a bit of sewing time!  Yay!!  I sewed this for our youngest daughter.  I was inspired by this tutorial… I have one more skirt cut out and also a couple of cloth diapers that I’d like to get sewn.  I would also like to sew making rag quilts for the boys room.  Hoping to fit in a bit more sewing time next week!

We also spent some time organizing in the basement.  Lots thrown out and stuff put away.  Looking better and I’m encouraged.  Still need some more time down there to do more decluttering, but we made headway.  🙂 That’s always a good feeling….  🙂

This afternoon, I was taking a few minutes sitting here at the computer and our youngest wanted up on my lap with his book.  He then was wanting to show me all the pictures he was seeing and I was finding myself feeling a bit upset with him.  How silly of me!!  The Lord reminded me on who was more important and I gladly took the time to be excited over what he was excited about. 😀 He is growing, oh so quickly, and I’d much rather have fond memories of him sitting on my lap then what bit of time I spent on the computer.  That time on the computer is worth nothing, he is worth  everything.  🙂  Thank you, Lord for that reminder!


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