Europe March 10-26 Part 1


So back in March, my hubby and along with our 8 yr old son went to Europe.  As I mentioned before, hubby went there on business and I and B. got to go along.  We arrived in Germany on Tuesday the 11th.  We enjoyed a good flight over, picked up our rental car and headed off to my great Aunt and Uncle home where we would be staying for the next few days.   After we arrived to my Great Aunt’s place, I wondered how I was going to survive the 16 days away from the rest of our children, especially our youngest.  I was close to tears and if there was some way to have flown our children over to Europe, I would have done it!!  LOL   But I did ok, thought about them ALL. THE. TIME, but I was still able to enjoy our time too.  During the days we were in Frankfort at the Musikmesse and enjoyed seeing all the many instruments etc.


Weather was just beautiful.   Germany is a beautiful country and it was already greening up and the spring flowers were blooming.


Let me just back up a little and say that we had a long and very cold winter here, so this break away from winter was nice.  🙂


While staying with my relatives, we did some sight seeing as well and it was good to spend time with them, even though we can’t speak much German and they can’t speak English.  We left Europe saying we must learn German, hopefully we can add that to this coming school year.  🙂


First plane ride for B.

I love the way the houses look in Europe…

Jerusalem’s Gate… Here we enjoyed walking along narrow street of an old village.



How’s this for a guitar?? 🙂


Wittner display… large enough metronome?? This one would have to stand beside your piano. LOL

B. and I went outside by the Musikmesse for a bit to enjoy the lovely weather outside.




Enjoying the pleasant spring sunshine!!


My Great Aunt, B. and myself. 🙂 Such a dear lady she is and I wished so much that I could speak and understand German!!


Part 2 to follow later this week, hopefully.  😉

I love hearing from you!!

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