Baby News!

We have done something different this pregnancy and found out whether we are having a baby boy or girl!!  We have so far been blessed with 4 boys and 3 girls and this one is a…………!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell what we found out from the picture??

Hint look at the balloons…  😀


We had a little gender reveal party with some close friends and enjoyed a lovely evening together.  When we had our 20 week ultrasound they gave us a special card which had the gender enclosed inside.  So I had the privilege of opening it and announcing to all what our next blessing is going to be!


We had a pink and blue themed party.   Cupcakes, rice krispies squares and candies.  Blue or pink…..


Our newest precious little one ❤


Something I wanted to share from my heart. 😀 I wrote it down and framed it for a center piece. 😀


Pregnancy is going well and this Wednesday we hit the 25 week mark.  I’m enjoying the baby’s kicks and squirms and can’t wait to meet this little one.  Now that we know the gender and I’m sure you have figured it out too, we need to think of a name.  🙂


God is good!!!



2 thoughts on “Baby News!

  1. Oh, the party goodies look lovely; such a fun idea for the whole family to find out together. I really enjoyed meeting you and your family at camp this week!

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