Pleasant Time at Family Camp

So last week we spent from Wednesday evening to Saturday afternoon at Harvester’s Family Camp and what a lovely time we all enjoyed!!  Camp started on Tuesday, but we were not able to go until late Wednesday and we arrived just before the evening meeting.   That evening meeting was on the first few verses in Ps 5.  The topic was how we are to make time for the Lord first thing in our day.  Convicting for sure…  I have been struggling with fitting quiet time in, so it was good to hear once again.  After the meeting, we came out and set up our tents quickly before dark.  I even had help from another young girl, the rest had run off to the tuck shop for some goodies.  🙂

The days consisted of two meetings, games time, slip and slide time, horseback riding, tuck shop, meals and campfires. Not listed in order, but you can get the idea.  😀  I met some lovely ladies, but sadly a number of them left on Thursday. So I really didn’t get to know them that well, but I did make another friend and I’ll share more about that in a minute.

The first couple nights were chilly!  Thankfully we stayed warm under our sleeping bags/blankets, but if you had to get up for a bathroom visit, it felt cold outside!!  The days were pleasant, although it felt a little cool to actually go swimming, but that did not hinder anyone from having fun on the long slip and slide!


Behind the swings, you can see the poles for the game “Nine Square”. What a fun game for all to enjoy and this game was rarely empty during the free time. 🙂 It was fun for both young and old. 😉

That was just a peek into our delightful days at camp.  All the messages were good.  Another one I really enjoyed was on Friday morning and it was about how life is all about relationships.  It was really good. Gave me some “new” thoughts to ponder that day.

Another special thing that happened while there was this….  They had a trampoline there last year and when we drove up this year, we heard disappointed sighs from the children when we all noticed the trampoline was gone.  We later learned that it had met with an accident when it took a tumble down the hill.   Anyway, Thursday evening one of the pastors sent out a plea asking if anyone had or knew of a trampoline that was not being used and if the camp could have it as it is a fun item enjoyed by all the campers.  Long story short, a brand new trampoline was set up Friday evening!  You can imagine the delight of the children all getting their first turn!

As I mentioned earlier, one of the new friends I made while there, also blogs and the last morning at camp, we exchanged email and blog addresses and we were both very surprised to find out that we have very similar blog titles!! (Please visit her here at Beautiful Calling ) Amazing!!  I’m really looking forward to getting to know her better and I look forward to hopefully meeting again at Family Camp next year.  Yes, we are already planning to attend, Lord willing, and the children are “counting” down the months.  LOL

So as you can see, we all enjoyed a lovely week.  This is also a fun way to camp.  We enjoyed tenting it, but we didn’t have to worry about meals, they were all provided, so we could just enjoy the day, messages and being with family and other fellow believers.  It was a blessing.

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