Canning Season 2014

The harvesting/canning season has begun here.  First it started when we went strawberry picking as I made 46 jars of jam, not quite enough for one a week for the next year, but close!  🙂  Then came raspberries, surprisingly enough we got more then I was expecting from our patch.  Not sure of the count there.  Now we are busy with green, yellow and purple beans and pickling cucumbers.


Bean section of the garden… Plus sunflowers. 😀


First section of the garden… Right to left, flowers, basil, lettuce and dill and then two rows which now look like one row of pickling cucumbers.  Then come the beans. 



So each day you will find us out in the garden picking or in the house blanching beans or canning pickles.  🙂  Today we picked the cucumbers and while I type here the last batch is in the canner.  A smaller picking today, just 10 jars.


My favourite Dill Pickle recipe

A nice sprig of dill

1 t. br. sugar

1 T. pickling salt

Several garlic pieces

1/2 c. apple cider vinegar

Fill with cucumbers and then add boiling water.  Put on lids and then steam can for 15 minutes.  😀

Next week, I hope to pickle some beans, they are so delicious!!!!   I’ll post about that when do them.  😉

A view of our garden when looking to the west from our front porch.

2 thoughts on “Canning Season 2014

  1. yes, I’m very blessed and I have to remind myself of that now since we had the hail. The garden is not looking as lovely as it was, plus weeds have seemed to grow since the pictures were taken too. 😉 God is good all the time!

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