First Beach Visit

Our adorable youngest for a while longer… 😉 He is such a joy!!


Yes, you have read the title of my post right….  We had our first beach visit the day we left Family Camp (July26th), but unfortunately it started to rain not long after we arrived and the wind was cool, so we didn’t stay long.   The bit of time we were there was fun and the children loved it!   They had never been to this beach before, but this is the beach I went to often as a child.  I would have loved to stay longer and walked along the beach.  😉


I don’t think I’ve been back to this particular beach since I was in my teens.  When I mentioned to the children how long it has probably been for me to be back here, I felt OLD!!


Dh was taking some “fun” pics too. 🙂


This summer so far has been on the cooler side, we have only had a couple of really hot, humid days.  Hopefully we can take the children swimming at least a couple times before the snow flies.  😀

I love hearing from you!!

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