Fun At The River


A couple weeks ago, on a Saturday evening, we went out to a nearby river.  The evening was filled with wading in the river searching for crayfish and also enjoying the picnic supper we brought along.


We had both dogs along and this time Zoey enjoyed the water. 🙂



Showing me his toad… 😉



Summer is quickly coming to a close….  Yes, we technically have a few more weeks yet, but once school starts, it sure feels like summer is over.   It’s been a busy, busy summer, but full of good memories too.  I guess another factor is, this has been a summer that hasn’t been filled with too many hot days.  So in a way, it feels like summer hasn’t come yet!  I really do hope we have a lovely warm fall, I’m not ready for the cold just yet.


As I mentioned it has been a busy summer and right now the calender is still full, so more busy times ahead for the next month, but taking time away even if just for a evening is so good.  I find I can get so caught up in what needs to be done, “my to do lists”, that I forget to treasure these moments of making memories around me.


I am in constant need of being reminded that my calling here is oh so beautiful and I’m so abundantly blessed.  😀



One thought on “Fun At The River

  1. Hello friend. I just love the photos, the colors in the pictures are vibrant, as are the smiles. My heart and thoughts echo yours in many ways. May your family enjoy these last summer days!

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