Lite Day – Archery

Yesterday afternoon we attend our first Lite day (homeschool co-op) for this new school year and it was all about archery!  Even the youngest ones got to take a turn shooting a bow and arrow.  Since we now have 3 going out to the private school, I have just 4 (until November)  with me for the homeschool co-op, but our oldest in that group was so excited about this unit on archery.   Actually all my boys from age 8 down love anything that has to do with bow and arrows or even guns for that matter.  Not even sure where they got that love from as we don’t watch tv.  😉


B, our soon to be 9 yr old and he is our oldest at home while the older ones are at school. 🙂 He is in gr. 4 this year.


Our soon to be 7 yr old and she is in gr. 2 this year. This is our daughter who is tucked right in the middle of 4 soon to be 5 boys. 🙂


Our 4 soon to be 5 yr old. This year we are learning our ABC’s, learning to print them and their sounds. Plus we will be working with numbers and all the other fun stuff in preparation for gr. 1! 🙂


Last  but not at all least… here is our youngest for the time being. He will be 3 next month and he looked so cute here. He is growing up and not the baby anymore, but a little boy, although he still loves his mama snuggles. ❤


Archery was a big hit and the children are looking forward to two more weeks of this.  It did make for a fun afternoon that went well for all and enjoyed by all.


In our next unit we will be learning all about Canada!

I love hearing from you!!

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