Babies & More Babies….

Our home is full of babies right now….

Back in October, our dog Muffin had 13 adorable puppies and so far they are all doing very well!!

These puppies will be 5 weeks old this coming Tuesday. Already!! They are pretty sweet! One we named Jasmine as she is the 13th puppy and stayed smaller then the rest, but just over this past week, she has really grown. Our daughter Becca named her Jasmine so that she wouldn’t be labeled the “runt”. 😀


Now about the SWEETEST baby in the house!!

He will be 3 weeks on Monday…  he enjoys nursing, sleeping and being held.  He is a content little fellow and such a precious bundle of joy.  I’m treasuring every single moment as I know this time will pass all too quickly.  😉  I think the youngest ones in the family are so privileged!!  They have so much love poured upon them daily.  Our 3 yr old just adores his baby brother and gives him kisses all the time.  He keeps telling me of all the things he is going to do with his baby brother too.  It is precious!!


Our 3 little boys!! 🙂 It is going to be so much fun to watch these boys grow up together. 😀

I love hearing from you!!

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