Christmas and Other Things

We enjoyed a lovely Christmas. On Christmas morning we read through Luke 2 as a family and sang a hymn together and then opened up some gifts. It was so fun to watch the children. Each one is so different and some were really excited and tore the paper while others took their time. All were happy with the gifts. 😃

Another fun thing we stared was we draw names in our family and each member must get a gift for the name they got. We enjoyed a rather fun evening out together buying a gift for the name we had.

Hubby surprised me by having a custom plaque made which says, “Keep calm and Mommy on”. I about cried when I saw it. I now own a mug which says the say thing and I smile every time I see it! When I saw a paper saying the same thing in the movie “Mom’s Night Out”, I mentioned I’d love something that says that, so hubby did just that!!


My hubby also blessed me with a mini IPad, so I’m hoping now I can keep my blog updated a bit more often. 😀 He totally surprised me with these gifts!!

Anyway, back to our Christmas, friends came over for lunch and then we spent the afternoon visiting. It was a good day!

We have been exchanging gifts for Christmas just 3 years now. Before that Christmas was just another ordinary day, but things have changed and we have really enjoyed our simple Christmases and also take time to ponder and think upon what the birth of Jesus really means. We know not the exact day Jesus was born, but it is good to take time and celebrate His birth. That all said we keep Christmas simple, but do enjoy a few gifts, a delicious meal together and just spending the day together as a family. We stay away from Santa Claus etc….

This past week has just flown by, we are enjoying a break from school, sleeping in and just having a bit more of a relaxed time. We have just one puppy left from Muffin’s litter and she is going to her new home tomorrow. Our second oldest daughter is keeping a puppy from Muffin’s litter as we had to sell her dog because said dog wouldn’t leave our chickens alone. 😔She has name her new puppy Jasmine.

One more week and then we are back to the busy schedule of school, Kids Club, music lessons and the usual day to day activities.

Our new baby will be 8 weeks old on Monday! How the time has flown by! He is doing well and I’m so thankful he has stayed healthy during all the sickness we have had here in our home. He is such a sweetie. ❤️


So my first post using my mini iPad and hopefully not my last!! The days are full, but I want to remember when one day I look back on these days with fondness. This is a way for me to journal and jot done our days and keep them forever in my heart and memory.

I love hearing from you!!

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