Blogging Again??  Maybe!!

I’m almost having a hard time with it already being December.  Where did the summer and fall go?  We did enjoy a good but busy summer. We grew a large garden, kept busy with building fences and enjoyed caring for the chickens and goats.

I hope to share more about our summer but for now I thought I’d share some goals I have for the upcoming week or weeks.
School work in the mornings

Finish cleaning up the garden

Set up my sewing table and create my own sewing space

Switch our youngest daughters clothing to warm clothes

Do some major decluttering

Keep up with my Bible reading

I know I have more on my mental list,  but this is has been keeping me busy.
Looking back over the month of September, we started back to school and did a bunch of canning. The month just seem to zoom by.

In October and November we enjoyed some lovely fall days.  We got the garden all cleaned up.  We have enjoyed still seeing our goats and chickens outside.  I haven’t had to yet move our goats over to the barn as it has been mild and the small shelter they have has been enough to keep them out of the elements.  once the snow comes, I’ll have to move them into the barn.   We have enjoyed our chickens and in the summer hubby bought an incubator and we have enjoyed hatching out baby chicks!  We have been very successful and look froward to starting that back up in the spring.  I’m hoping we have some broody hens and hopefully next summer we will been more successful with them.. We had one hen set for 3 weeks, but no chicks ever hatched out.  Eggs kept disappearing….  hen eating them??  I’m not sure as nothing else could get in.  It’s been a learning adventure and a very enjoyable one too.  I love seeing chickens out in the yard.  🙂


It’s been birthday season here since the end of September and we have two more coming up then we have a break until July.  😉

I’ve gotten a good ways on my major decluttering, but still have lots more to do, but I’ve got a few months of winter ahead of me to do that in.

One of our birthday boys. This was taken one his very first birthday! Such a sweetie he is. He is now walking quite a bit too.

Anyways, I really must start blogging again.  This helps me keep track off our day to day life here on our homestead and write down memories I don’t want to forget.

My helper while I was harvesting the onions. 🙂


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