The Ocean and Sunshine

Last month hubby had a business trip to California and the baby and I went along to keep him company. 😊  The three of us were gone 2 weeks and during that time hubby and I enjoyed spending time together and enjoying the sights. We spent a couple nights in Boulder city in Nevada and then drove on to California where we have friends that we could stay with while away. We were blessed to be able to stay with them the whole time and we enjoyed our visit and also could do our business while there. I enjoy going on business trips with hubby, but I miss the rest of our children at home and so wish we could have them with us too.  They would enjoy the interesting places!
Anyways my favourite times were when we spent it at the Pacific Ocean.  I love being by the ocean and could spend all day there.  I think next time we will have to plan a whole day there and rent bikes and bike along the coast.

Our future driver….  we were just passing time while daddy was in the UPS store.  🙂

Joel was a great traveler, being 14 months he did very well on the plane and traveling in the car. I can’t say he was always happy in the car, but he did very well.

His first experience with the waves washing over his feet included a few tears, but once he got use to the feel of the sand on his toes, he then loved exploring the beach.

Anyway, I came back home refreshed and more then ready to be a full time mommy again.
We have gotten funny comments while away….  We look like the couple with one child and when they find out we have 8, it can be pretty funny!  I can’t think of any at the moment though……  Oh maybe I can….  One funny comment is, “Just wait until he gets older, then the “fun” begins.” (That is from those who think baby is our first)    LOL  we’ve been through this before….

I love every stage!  I feel so blessed.  ❤

Just a peek into what happened back in January.  🙂

I love hearing from you!!

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