Meet Isabelle

Last Sunday was an exciting day on our homestead as our heifer,  Maybelle gave birth to her first calf.

Meet Isabelle ( Izzy for short)
We were at church and just finished going through our prayer and praise time in adult Sunday School when my mom sent me a text saying our heifer was in labor. My parents were heading out soon for the day, so I went home to see how she was doing.  I got home around 10:30am and went to see how she was doing.  You could see just a bit of front hooves. I went in and changed and went back out. Maybelle seemed to like me there with her and was mooing softly when I came near. My dad and I were out there with her until about 11am and then I went in to get a snack and my parents had to go.  I came back out to her and she was lying down and having regular contractions.  More of the calf was showing and I could see the calf’s nose. She pushed for while, but couldn’t seem to get the head out. I then noticed the calf’s head was turned so I gently pulled the calf’s legs during a contraction and out came the head and the rest of her body followed. I was so surprised!  I was curious to know to find out whether we had a bull or heifer and was happy to see she had heifer!  I helped clear the calf’s nose and mama was soon up and cleaning up her baby while the whole time mooing softly to her. Izzy was born at 11:18am.   Izzy was up on her feet in about 15 minutes. I saw that all was good, so I headed back to church.

It was a full morning, but good! When we arrived home, Izzy was nursing and she has been doing very well so far.

Brand new!

I’m hoping to milk Maybelle so that’s coming up in the next few days. For now I’m letting mama and baby bond and Izzy needs all the colostrum she can get.

Update: This has been in my draft box all week, but I’ve been training Maybelle for milking and it’s getting better.  I couldn’t expect no kicks, that would be just too easy.  LOL   Tonight’s milking was the best we had yet, so I’m encouraged!  I wasn’t going to give up!   Izzy has been with her mama the whole time and so far Maybelle is letting me have her milk.  So nice having our own milk again.  🙂

So that’s a bit of a update on our little homestead.


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