About Me

This blog started back in 2005.  I go through times of blogging often to months going by without as much as a single post.  I’m hoping to squeeze in more time for blogging though as I do enjoy reading back through posts I’ve written in the past.  This blog is my journal of sorts and I really must keep it up.  🙂


Back when I started this blog and was thinking of a title, I wasn’t sure what to call it.  I look at my life as a wife and mama as my calling, so the Lord gave me the thought of naming this blog “A Beautiful Calling” for that is what my life is.  He is making it into something beautiful and for that I’m most thankful.   Later I discovered that my title in short form was A B C, so I have often thought of it since as my own ABC’s.  It has been a great reminder to me (when the days get tough) that this is my calling and it is something I delight in and the Lord gives me strength and grace to finish.   He is faithful!!

26 weeks with our newest little boy. ❤

Last edited July 29/14

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