Still Here

I’m still here!!

In July, we were blessed with another healthy baby boy.  More on that in another post.

After the baby’s birth, time just turned into days, weeks and months.  I’ve thought of my blog, but it just hasn’t happened it.  I will update soon.

In the meantime, I’ll share that yes, we had a baby boy born on July 18th at 2:23am.  He weighed in at 11.6 pounds and was 23 inches long.  Our very biggest baby ever.  His birth story is unique and I’ll share that at some point.

This is Noah Alexander just hours old being held by his oldest brother.

Noah July18

He just turned 16 weeks this past Tuesday

noah 16 weeks

He is a joy and adored by his older siblings.  ❤


Spring Time on the Homestead


Holly and Hero

Holly and Hero

It’s been a while I know!  Life has been moving on and days are busy and full, although I do sneak in a nap just about every day.  😉

Near the end of March, our first kids (twins) were born, a week later another set of twins joined the flock and then a week later, the last doe also had twins.  Pictured above are the second set, Holly and Hero.  🙂  All the kids are white just like their daddy.  I was hoping for a bit more colour since the mama goats are black and white and one of them is mostly brown, but the kids are real sweet and so fun to watch.  We named them Max and Maddie, Holly and Hero, and Cordelia and Cranberry.  I’ll have to get  a picture of them out in the pasture.  I’ve started miking the mamas once a day and am very happy with the amount of milk they are giving.  I enjoy having our own milk!

This past week, I finally got the raspberry patch weeded and mulched.  I’ve been working slowly on this project as we have had a wet spring here and plus being now 31 weeks pregnant,  I’m not as agile as I usually am.  I’m planning on planting a garden this spring and counting on the children to help me keep it up after the baby arrives.  I love gardening and can’t imagine not having one, I’ll down size a bit….  The children are a big help and one of our daughters has already said she will pick and snap the beans this summer.  She loves doing that.  🙂

Baby news!  We are having another boy!!  This gives us 6 boys and 3 girls.  The last 4 will be all boys….  The 3 younger boys have so much fun together, it will be cute to add in another boy to the mix.  Sisters were hoping for another little sister, but God knows best and gave us a boy.  We are looking forward to meeting him and the count down is on, about 9 weeks left!  They will be busy weeks too. Still haven’t yet settled on a name for him yet.

This is a tiny update of our life here on the homestead.  🙂  I need to go out and separate the kids (goats) from their mamas for the night, so that I can milk in the morning.


Baby #9 is due to arrive in the middle of July!

We are all thrilled and excited for this new life that is being formed in secret at the moment.  At the end of the month, we hope to find out the gender at our 20 weeks ultrasound.

The vote here is for a girl, but only God knows what precious gift He is sending us and His ways are perfect and He knows best.

The timing of this baby was very surreal…  We found out on the weekend that my mother in law was very sick with cancer and it was also then that I bought a pregnancy test and it showed up positive right away.  So we were facing death and new life all at the same time.  This baby’s coming has been like a bright ray of sunshine during the difficult months that followed.  God’s timing is always perfect.  My mother in law’s birthday is also in July, but at the end, so this baby won’t share the same day, but will be in the same month.  Our firstborn also has a birthday in July, so she is excited to have a sibling share her birthday month as well.   Wow….  never dreamed that I’d be having a baby when my daughter turned 19!  😀

Pregnancy has been going well.  Second trimester has been filled with more energy and hardly any sickness, so that is always wonderful.


A bit of an update from our life here on our “homestead”.






This past winter will be known in our family as the winter of pneumonia.  Out of the 10 of us, 7 of us got pneumonia.  Our last to get it was our precious baby boy, but thankfully he is on the mend and every day since starting the antibiotics he is becoming his happy self again.   What a winter though!  So glad that spring is just around the corner, we need warmer weather and the lovely spring breezes blowing through our home and clearing out all the sick germs.  I am very thankful that baby boy didn’t catch this pneumonia when he was a newborn, pneumonia first hit our family in September and just hasn’t left!

So that is where I have been…. Trying to get everyone better and trying to keep up with life in general.

So looking forward to spring and summer!!

Hoping to have healthier blog posts in the future. 😊




Staring to show his smiles again here. So good to see…  ❤️

Babies & More Babies….

Our home is full of babies right now….

Back in October, our dog Muffin had 13 adorable puppies and so far they are all doing very well!!

These puppies will be 5 weeks old this coming Tuesday. Already!! They are pretty sweet! One we named Jasmine as she is the 13th puppy and stayed smaller then the rest, but just over this past week, she has really grown. Our daughter Becca named her Jasmine so that she wouldn’t be labeled the “runt”. 😀


Now about the SWEETEST baby in the house!!

He will be 3 weeks on Monday…  he enjoys nursing, sleeping and being held.  He is a content little fellow and such a precious bundle of joy.  I’m treasuring every single moment as I know this time will pass all too quickly.  😉  I think the youngest ones in the family are so privileged!!  They have so much love poured upon them daily.  Our 3 yr old just adores his baby brother and gives him kisses all the time.  He keeps telling me of all the things he is going to do with his baby brother too.  It is precious!!


Our 3 little boys!! 🙂 It is going to be so much fun to watch these boys grow up together. 😀

Our New Gift!

Our newest addition was born on November 3, 2014 at 7:52pm.

He arrived after a labor of less than 2 hours, which went very well.

This was also our second home birth and the midwives arrived with just 35-40 minutes to spare.

Meet Joel Matthew

around 8lbs

21 inches


Our fresh baby from God. ❤

We will never know his exact birth weight.  When he was born, I actually got to catch him and bring him up to me, such a priceless and thrilling moment!  One of the first things I said was he is so tiny!!  One of the midwives guessed he was around 8 pounds even, but later when they weighed him, the sling scale said 8lbs 10oz.  We were a bit surprised, but I just figured he look tiny since our 3 previous babies were close to being 10 pounders and one being over 10lbs.  That was Monday evening.  Wednesday morning when the midwife came by to check in on us and do a baby weigh in, she had a digital scale and it said baby weighed 7lb 5oz.  There is no way our baby could have lost that much weight (8lb 10oz to 7lb 5oz, that is well over a pound!) in just over a day and look as great as he did.  Then on Saturday when the midwife came by again, he was up to 8lb. 3oz.  He is  gaining well and looking great!  So the thought is that the sling was off, mustn’t have been tared right.  I felt a little disappointed that we don’t know his exact birth weight, but we are guessing he was around 8lbs.  😀  In the grand scheme of things this is just a minor detail.  😀


Anyway, we are all loving having a baby in the family again!!  He is just adorable and a bundle of joy!!


Prayer request:  Please pray for our oldest daughter as she found out today that she has pneumonia in her right lung.  She will be staying away from her new baby brother, but pray she is feeling better soon and that baby Joel does not get sick.


We have had someone sick in the family since middle of August.  Winter hasn’t even arrived yet!!  I’m going to be actively trying to build up our family’s immune system.  Bring out the cod liver oil!!  😉





Baby News!

We have done something different this pregnancy and found out whether we are having a baby boy or girl!!  We have so far been blessed with 4 boys and 3 girls and this one is a…………!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell what we found out from the picture??

Hint look at the balloons…  😀


We had a little gender reveal party with some close friends and enjoyed a lovely evening together.  When we had our 20 week ultrasound they gave us a special card which had the gender enclosed inside.  So I had the privilege of opening it and announcing to all what our next blessing is going to be!


We had a pink and blue themed party.   Cupcakes, rice krispies squares and candies.  Blue or pink…..


Our newest precious little one ❤


Something I wanted to share from my heart. 😀 I wrote it down and framed it for a center piece. 😀


Pregnancy is going well and this Wednesday we hit the 25 week mark.  I’m enjoying the baby’s kicks and squirms and can’t wait to meet this little one.  Now that we know the gender and I’m sure you have figured it out too, we need to think of a name.  🙂


God is good!!!