Today at lunch, our 2 year old son exclaimed, “I so happy today.”  

Too cute!!!!  

This was last week on an afternoon he said he didnt need a nap. 😊



Our New Gift!

Our newest addition was born on November 3, 2014 at 7:52pm.

He arrived after a labor of less than 2 hours, which went very well.

This was also our second home birth and the midwives arrived with just 35-40 minutes to spare.

Meet Joel Matthew

around 8lbs

21 inches


Our fresh baby from God. ❤

We will never know his exact birth weight.  When he was born, I actually got to catch him and bring him up to me, such a priceless and thrilling moment!  One of the first things I said was he is so tiny!!  One of the midwives guessed he was around 8 pounds even, but later when they weighed him, the sling scale said 8lbs 10oz.  We were a bit surprised, but I just figured he look tiny since our 3 previous babies were close to being 10 pounders and one being over 10lbs.  That was Monday evening.  Wednesday morning when the midwife came by to check in on us and do a baby weigh in, she had a digital scale and it said baby weighed 7lb 5oz.  There is no way our baby could have lost that much weight (8lb 10oz to 7lb 5oz, that is well over a pound!) in just over a day and look as great as he did.  Then on Saturday when the midwife came by again, he was up to 8lb. 3oz.  He is  gaining well and looking great!  So the thought is that the sling was off, mustn’t have been tared right.  I felt a little disappointed that we don’t know his exact birth weight, but we are guessing he was around 8lbs.  😀  In the grand scheme of things this is just a minor detail.  😀


Anyway, we are all loving having a baby in the family again!!  He is just adorable and a bundle of joy!!


Prayer request:  Please pray for our oldest daughter as she found out today that she has pneumonia in her right lung.  She will be staying away from her new baby brother, but pray she is feeling better soon and that baby Joel does not get sick.


We have had someone sick in the family since middle of August.  Winter hasn’t even arrived yet!!  I’m going to be actively trying to build up our family’s immune system.  Bring out the cod liver oil!!  😉





Baby Dear Had a Birthday!

Cake Time! 
So precious
A Happy birthday boy

His birthday was one week ago and his was the last of our 4 fall babies to have a birthday.  Baby dear, we love you, oh, so very much.  You are such a joy and a delight.  It’s my prayer that one day you will be a follower of the Lord Jesus. 

It’s A Boy!!!

Just a quick post to let you all know we had a handsome baby boy yesterday evening at 7:48pm after just over an hour intense labor.  Joshua weighed 9lb 13oz and 22″ inches.  We are both doing well!  This was our first home birth and also a water birth at that.  The Lord is so good, we are all thrilled and rejoicing in this new life the Lord has blessed us with.  :)


I will post more details and pictures in a day or two or three.  ;)   Right now I’m enjoying baby snuggles.  :D

Here is our new baby son!