Still Here

I’m still here!!

In July, we were blessed with another healthy baby boy.  More on that in another post.

After the baby’s birth, time just turned into days, weeks and months.  I’ve thought of my blog, but it just hasn’t happened it.  I will update soon.

In the meantime, I’ll share that yes, we had a baby boy born on July 18th at 2:23am.  He weighed in at 11.6 pounds and was 23 inches long.  Our very biggest baby ever.  His birth story is unique and I’ll share that at some point.

This is Noah Alexander just hours old being held by his oldest brother.

Noah July18

He just turned 16 weeks this past Tuesday

noah 16 weeks

He is a joy and adored by his older siblings.  ❤


Spring Time on the Homestead


Holly and Hero

Holly and Hero

It’s been a while I know!  Life has been moving on and days are busy and full, although I do sneak in a nap just about every day.  😉

Near the end of March, our first kids (twins) were born, a week later another set of twins joined the flock and then a week later, the last doe also had twins.  Pictured above are the second set, Holly and Hero.  🙂  All the kids are white just like their daddy.  I was hoping for a bit more colour since the mama goats are black and white and one of them is mostly brown, but the kids are real sweet and so fun to watch.  We named them Max and Maddie, Holly and Hero, and Cordelia and Cranberry.  I’ll have to get  a picture of them out in the pasture.  I’ve started miking the mamas once a day and am very happy with the amount of milk they are giving.  I enjoy having our own milk!

This past week, I finally got the raspberry patch weeded and mulched.  I’ve been working slowly on this project as we have had a wet spring here and plus being now 31 weeks pregnant,  I’m not as agile as I usually am.  I’m planning on planting a garden this spring and counting on the children to help me keep it up after the baby arrives.  I love gardening and can’t imagine not having one, I’ll down size a bit….  The children are a big help and one of our daughters has already said she will pick and snap the beans this summer.  She loves doing that.  🙂

Baby news!  We are having another boy!!  This gives us 6 boys and 3 girls.  The last 4 will be all boys….  The 3 younger boys have so much fun together, it will be cute to add in another boy to the mix.  Sisters were hoping for another little sister, but God knows best and gave us a boy.  We are looking forward to meeting him and the count down is on, about 9 weeks left!  They will be busy weeks too. Still haven’t yet settled on a name for him yet.

This is a tiny update of our life here on the homestead.  🙂  I need to go out and separate the kids (goats) from their mamas for the night, so that I can milk in the morning.

A Walk In Our Woods

A couple of weeks ago now, the boys and I went for a walk in our woods.  It was such a delight to see green, splashed with colour here and there.  I love the season spring!!  So much new life….

We were walking along the path leading to our woods, when all of a sudden a duck flew out of the grass. We soon saw this nest! I just checked on this nest a couple days ago, and mama duck is still sitting on her clutch. I was surprised to find this nest here, I thought they would nest closer to the pond.

Me and two of my boys…. 🙂

These are the boys that came on the hike. 🙂 Baby Dear was napping. 🙂

Pretty violets

Pretty yellow violets


This fern is almost as tall as me, mom! 🙂

Interesting fungi…

Beautiful apple blossoms….. The trees are loaded out back!

Lovely meadow, so peaceful… 🙂

The purpose of our walk was to go and see if the trilliums were blooming. We found some, but they were not as plentiful as it has been in years past. They were still lovely and we enjoyed a great walk!

Here in the house, we’ve been busy planting in the garden and getting school work done.  One son is just about finished for the summer, the other one has a bit more to do, but it shouldn’t take too long.  I’ll post an update on life here next week.



Our Funny Boys Plus

Yes, I’m still here.  🙂

 I often think that once the little ones are in bed, that I’ll take a few minute to blog, but it just doesn’t ever seem to happen. 

Our little boys like to make us chuckle….  Here are just a few pictures to show their cuteness.  🙂

Our little turtle??

Nice hat!
I can still see you, mommy.  🙂 Can you still see me?
Cool hat, it matches your clothes! 

If you noticed, you will see the house is very cluttered!  It never ceases to amaze me on how quickly the clutter/dirt on the floors appear.  I should add the counters and table too!   Some days I just want to get school done and then tidy up, other  most days we are able to start out in a tidy house.  Those are nice days, it just depends what happened the evening before.  Most days, I like to have the house tidied up before bed, such a nice feeling to start out the day fresh.  🙂

I’ve had some time to sew this past week and this time it was sewing cloth diapers.  🙂  FUN!!  Last night, I tried sewing a diaper with PUL on the outside and micro fleece on the inside.  I had never sewn with PUL before, but that diaper turned out and it’s so cute!!!  The mirco fleece is so soft….   I’m hoping to sew up a few more next week.  I back to using cloth and it’s been fun.  I also like wool covers.  My mom knitted up a couple for me and those are nice to use.  I’m slowly restocking my diaper stash, ones I had sewn several years ago are needing to be replaced.  🙂

This is a pocket diaper….  I love the owls!!  🙂