Spring Time on the Homestead


Holly and Hero

Holly and Hero

It’s been a while I know!  Life has been moving on and days are busy and full, although I do sneak in a nap just about every day.  😉

Near the end of March, our first kids (twins) were born, a week later another set of twins joined the flock and then a week later, the last doe also had twins.  Pictured above are the second set, Holly and Hero.  🙂  All the kids are white just like their daddy.  I was hoping for a bit more colour since the mama goats are black and white and one of them is mostly brown, but the kids are real sweet and so fun to watch.  We named them Max and Maddie, Holly and Hero, and Cordelia and Cranberry.  I’ll have to get  a picture of them out in the pasture.  I’ve started miking the mamas once a day and am very happy with the amount of milk they are giving.  I enjoy having our own milk!

This past week, I finally got the raspberry patch weeded and mulched.  I’ve been working slowly on this project as we have had a wet spring here and plus being now 31 weeks pregnant,  I’m not as agile as I usually am.  I’m planning on planting a garden this spring and counting on the children to help me keep it up after the baby arrives.  I love gardening and can’t imagine not having one, I’ll down size a bit….  The children are a big help and one of our daughters has already said she will pick and snap the beans this summer.  She loves doing that.  🙂

Baby news!  We are having another boy!!  This gives us 6 boys and 3 girls.  The last 4 will be all boys….  The 3 younger boys have so much fun together, it will be cute to add in another boy to the mix.  Sisters were hoping for another little sister, but God knows best and gave us a boy.  We are looking forward to meeting him and the count down is on, about 9 weeks left!  They will be busy weeks too. Still haven’t yet settled on a name for him yet.

This is a tiny update of our life here on the homestead.  🙂  I need to go out and separate the kids (goats) from their mamas for the night, so that I can milk in the morning.


First Week of School 2013

This week was our first week back to school since our winter break.  It was good to get back into routine, even though times tables, nouns and verbs were forgotten.  Hopefully next week well go better in that respect.  Otherwise, it was a good week, except I did drive an hour for a dentist appointment, but when I got there I found it was for next week!  Yikes!  I’m not sure how the mix up happened, because I do remember now about the date being changed so that I could bring the four children who needed to see the dentist on the same day.  Anyway, that won’t happen again!    So we had a nice Wednesday afternoon drive…  At least the roads were good that afternoon…..

So a new year is upon us.  I didn’t make any resolutions…  Well, I am praying about how I can simplify our life more.  I like to think of a phrase from a song I knew as a child, “Keep my life simple, keep my life sweet, I want forever to sit His(Jesus) feet.  It is so easy to get caught up with things of this world and forget the real important ones.

I have not blogged since last October, so I’ll share some things we did in my next post.  But for now, about our youngest.  He had a bit of a mishap and we are still not sure exactly what happened, but he knocked out one of his front teeth!  Anyway, he is doing ok and didn’t seem to be to bothered by it all.  I think it affected me more then him!  I felt so terrible!  He is still our happy little fellow and such a ray of sunshine!  🙂

Hubby and I plus the youngest 3 went on a small business trip with our neighbours.  I’ll share about that in another post.

Happy New Year and may you be showered with all of God’s abundant blessings.

Silly Post :)

Fun with sunglasses….  or what big sisters will do with sunglasses.  🙂

Oldest daughter and a friend…
Second daughter and same friend…  

Good To See

It is always SO good to see children up and running around after being sick.  Our youngest daughter was sick yesterday with a fever of 102F and today  fever is gone (praise the Lord) and she is running around the house.  Sickness has been a frequent visitor this winter and we need to change that!

Feeling so much better!!
He has been sick too, but is so happy to have his sister to play with again today. 😀

Now we can just get the coughs to go away….