Our Garden in Early July

I thought I’d share a few pictures of our garden.  We have worked hard to stay ahead of the weeds.  With a baby due anytime, I’m happy we have been able to do this.  We will see how things go once baby dear arrives….  I have lots of help  😀



My trellis of morning glories, they should be up at the top by August.


My little spot of lavender, it smells so lovely!


Our beans, green, purple and yellow and they are all in flower.


After the beans, comes half a row of dill and then a row of flowers.  Lavatera and calendula. Next are the tomatoes. 


The tomatoes and so far they are doing wonderfully and look great!  Some are already flowering too. 


Two rows of peppers…  growing a little slowly, but they look good. 


Pickling cucumbers


Second planting of corn, this has since been weeded and I tilled down the rows. 


Winter squash and the first planting of corn. 


This is showing the other end of the dill row, I have basil and broccoli here.  

I missed getting a picture of the section of garden between the two corn patches.  There are have some sweet potatoes, kale, and melons in one row. Carrots and radishes in another row.



Our long narrow garden, here I have onions, summer squashes (different varieties of zucchinis) , flowers, red cabbages, slicing cucumbers and garlic.


the zucchinis


The raspberries are ripening!  😀

So far this has been a good summer for the garden.

Now we just end to have the baby!  😀


Spring Time on the Homestead


Holly and Hero

Holly and Hero

It’s been a while I know!  Life has been moving on and days are busy and full, although I do sneak in a nap just about every day.  😉

Near the end of March, our first kids (twins) were born, a week later another set of twins joined the flock and then a week later, the last doe also had twins.  Pictured above are the second set, Holly and Hero.  🙂  All the kids are white just like their daddy.  I was hoping for a bit more colour since the mama goats are black and white and one of them is mostly brown, but the kids are real sweet and so fun to watch.  We named them Max and Maddie, Holly and Hero, and Cordelia and Cranberry.  I’ll have to get  a picture of them out in the pasture.  I’ve started miking the mamas once a day and am very happy with the amount of milk they are giving.  I enjoy having our own milk!

This past week, I finally got the raspberry patch weeded and mulched.  I’ve been working slowly on this project as we have had a wet spring here and plus being now 31 weeks pregnant,  I’m not as agile as I usually am.  I’m planning on planting a garden this spring and counting on the children to help me keep it up after the baby arrives.  I love gardening and can’t imagine not having one, I’ll down size a bit….  The children are a big help and one of our daughters has already said she will pick and snap the beans this summer.  She loves doing that.  🙂

Baby news!  We are having another boy!!  This gives us 6 boys and 3 girls.  The last 4 will be all boys….  The 3 younger boys have so much fun together, it will be cute to add in another boy to the mix.  Sisters were hoping for another little sister, but God knows best and gave us a boy.  We are looking forward to meeting him and the count down is on, about 9 weeks left!  They will be busy weeks too. Still haven’t yet settled on a name for him yet.

This is a tiny update of our life here on the homestead.  🙂  I need to go out and separate the kids (goats) from their mamas for the night, so that I can milk in the morning.

Blogging Again??  Maybe!!

I’m almost having a hard time with it already being December.  Where did the summer and fall go?  We did enjoy a good but busy summer. We grew a large garden, kept busy with building fences and enjoyed caring for the chickens and goats.

I hope to share more about our summer but for now I thought I’d share some goals I have for the upcoming week or weeks.
School work in the mornings

Finish cleaning up the garden

Set up my sewing table and create my own sewing space

Switch our youngest daughters clothing to warm clothes

Do some major decluttering

Keep up with my Bible reading

I know I have more on my mental list,  but this is has been keeping me busy.
Looking back over the month of September, we started back to school and did a bunch of canning. The month just seem to zoom by.

In October and November we enjoyed some lovely fall days.  We got the garden all cleaned up.  We have enjoyed still seeing our goats and chickens outside.  I haven’t had to yet move our goats over to the barn as it has been mild and the small shelter they have has been enough to keep them out of the elements.  once the snow comes, I’ll have to move them into the barn.   We have enjoyed our chickens and in the summer hubby bought an incubator and we have enjoyed hatching out baby chicks!  We have been very successful and look froward to starting that back up in the spring.  I’m hoping we have some broody hens and hopefully next summer we will been more successful with them.. We had one hen set for 3 weeks, but no chicks ever hatched out.  Eggs kept disappearing….  hen eating them??  I’m not sure as nothing else could get in.  It’s been a learning adventure and a very enjoyable one too.  I love seeing chickens out in the yard.  🙂


It’s been birthday season here since the end of September and we have two more coming up then we have a break until July.  😉

I’ve gotten a good ways on my major decluttering, but still have lots more to do, but I’ve got a few months of winter ahead of me to do that in.

One of our birthday boys. This was taken one his very first birthday! Such a sweetie he is. He is now walking quite a bit too.

Anyways, I really must start blogging again.  This helps me keep track off our day to day life here on our homestead and write down memories I don’t want to forget.

My helper while I was harvesting the onions. 🙂


First Week Back to School (&more)

Aren’t these beautiful?? Sunflowers have to be one of my favourite flowers!!

Well, here we are!  September has come and along with that school days are back, plus more harvesting and canning from the garden.   We are easing back into school this week, because we also have salsa to make, corn to husk and freeze and apples to turn into applesauce.  So the subjects we are tackling this week are Bible, math, grammar and spelling.   So far all has been going well, although I haven’t yet check some math work, so I guess that will determine how much was retained during the summer.  I had great plans of keeping up with some math, but that didn’t happen.  I know I’m not the only homeschooling mom who may have made some summer “school” plans, which never got done.  I was talking to another mom just a couple of weeks ago and she was like me, made plans, but that was as far as it got.  Summer was busy and seemed to just fly right by!

Our two oldest daughters are once again attending a local private school… Today was day two, although our oldest stayed home sick in bed.  😦  Hopefully she is feeling better in the morning!

So while I sit here and type…  cooking on the stove is another pot of apples and the canner is full of jars filled with yummy applesauce.    School was done in record time and the children have been a great help in making this applesauce.  The big boys have been putting the hot, cooked apples through the Victoria strainer carefully, while I was cutting apples and washing jars etc…   At first the same old thoughts arose when I saw the mess and how I’d probably be able to do without quite the mess, but I quickly hushed those thoughts away.  I’m very thankful for their help and happy that they want to help.  What they are learning here is just as important as what they learn in their school books.  Learning to work and working together in harmony will be very beneficial.   At the end,  this kitchen will be cleaned up and sweet memories will have been made.

So once the applesauce was finished and the last jars were in the canner and the kitchen semi cleaned up, I decided I had better go and pick corn.  So now as I’m finishing this post, I have corn cooking and I will have to cut it off the cob and freeze before I can head off to bed.  Busy day for sure, but the children were a big help, even though they had their moments at times.  Not always willing to be dependable, but they are learning.  🙂

It’s been a good day!

Before I close this post, I decided to share some real life pictures of how the kitchen looked by the end of the afternoon.

I’m so blessed and grateful for the bountiful harvest and all of God’s abundant blessings.  🙂  Corn is all blanched and I’m off to cut it off the cob!!

Bringing in the Harvest

Yesterday, we harvested the last of the garden.  Actually not quite, just remember that  tomorrow we need to bring in the squash.  We first went out to pull up the carrots, but the children  were getting along nicely with that, so I decided to go and dug up the remaining potato rows.  I called  N. over to help me with that.  It was ok to dig, but bending down (remember I’m 38 + weeks pregnant) to pick the potatoes was not so easy.    We didn’t have a bumper crop, but we are happy with what we did find.   They were a decent size, considering how wet the garden was. 

Here I am with N. helping me. 

R. was taking the tops off the carrots.  We have a hamper full, but I still need to sort them.  The really small ones we will keep for our horse.  The others I hope to freeze.

Part of our onion crop.  They did well and some are quite big!

I took this picture just this evening.  It was rainy and overcast here all day, but then the sun shone through and it look so neat outside. 

It almost seems hard to believe that another summer has come and gone and we are now into the fall already. 

Picking Beans And More

Here is a long and overdue garden update.  The garden is in a low area, so it has been wet.  We hope to put a tile in after the garden is done, so next year our garden should be better.  The beans did well and we have lots in the freezer.  Tomatoes are looking pretty good and so is the corn.  Our pickling cukes were looking beautiful, but a blight has struck and they are dieing very quickly.  We were able to pick enough cukes for one jar and eat a number of them.  In our area, it has been really difficult to grow pickling cukes the past few years.  There is a blight and I’m not sure how to avoid getting it.  Anyway, we will try again next year!  We shall see how the rest of the garden does, one half was wetter than the other. 

Here are two of my girls ready to go and pick beans.

Picking beans

Delicous beans

Our one and most likely only jar of pickles from our garden



Our first zucchinni, I didn’t think we were going to get any, since they are growing at the end of the graden which was really wet.

N. by one of the larger sunflowers.

He wanted to take a picture of me…

We had to put straw down some of the rows, just so that we could get in the garden without sinking in the mud! 

Our youngest daughter loves to carry the baskets we use for gathing the produce from the garden.  Here she is showing me her beans.  She is such a sweetie!

So that is about it for now, I have had a busy day pickling cucumbers we purchased at a local market.  Maybe I’ll blog more again tomorrow.  Right now bed sounds really good!

Blessings to you!

Gardening – First Update

We have been spending some time out in the garden lately.  After we planted it, we got busy and we haven’t been there much.  My dad did do some tilling, but other than that, we were just waiting for the seeds to grow.  Things are coming along slowly, but nicely.  Today, I did some tilling and we weeded a few of the rows.  I also planted some cabbage plants and more onions.   Some pictures were from a couple of days ago and others were from today.

Today’s view of the front half of the garden from the side of our front porch

Second half
One of the first tomato blossoms

R. busy weeding the corn (taken a couple of days ago)

S. also weeding a row of corn
(taken a couple of days ago)
Yes, that is me tilling the garden today.

A few days ago when we were at the new house all day, I did some gardening, my husband was working on electrical in the house and my dad plus our little boys were cleaning up the small pieces of stone and brick from around the house.  B. was such a big help and of course he enjoyed all the tractor rides too.
Men at work!
This picture I took today, it is the view from my new kitchen window. 
The clouds looked really neat too.

You can read my first garden post here.   Today, the wind was a little cool, but it was great for working.   Just need to hill the potatoes and weed a bit more at the other end of the garden.  Then we are "done" for a little while.  I hope to then focus on the inside of the new house and prepare it for  moving in.  General cleaning needs to be done! 

But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
To him be glory both now and for ever.

2 Peter 3:18