Our Garden in Early July

I thought I’d share a few pictures of our garden.  We have worked hard to stay ahead of the weeds.  With a baby due anytime, I’m happy we have been able to do this.  We will see how things go once baby dear arrives….  I have lots of help  😀



My trellis of morning glories, they should be up at the top by August.


My little spot of lavender, it smells so lovely!


Our beans, green, purple and yellow and they are all in flower.


After the beans, comes half a row of dill and then a row of flowers.  Lavatera and calendula. Next are the tomatoes. 


The tomatoes and so far they are doing wonderfully and look great!  Some are already flowering too. 


Two rows of peppers…  growing a little slowly, but they look good. 


Pickling cucumbers


Second planting of corn, this has since been weeded and I tilled down the rows. 


Winter squash and the first planting of corn. 


This is showing the other end of the dill row, I have basil and broccoli here.  

I missed getting a picture of the section of garden between the two corn patches.  There are have some sweet potatoes, kale, and melons in one row. Carrots and radishes in another row.



Our long narrow garden, here I have onions, summer squashes (different varieties of zucchinis) , flowers, red cabbages, slicing cucumbers and garlic.


the zucchinis


The raspberries are ripening!  😀

So far this has been a good summer for the garden.

Now we just end to have the baby!  😀


Canning Season 2014

The harvesting/canning season has begun here.  First it started when we went strawberry picking as I made 46 jars of jam, not quite enough for one a week for the next year, but close!  🙂  Then came raspberries, surprisingly enough we got more then I was expecting from our patch.  Not sure of the count there.  Now we are busy with green, yellow and purple beans and pickling cucumbers.


Bean section of the garden… Plus sunflowers. 😀


First section of the garden… Right to left, flowers, basil, lettuce and dill and then two rows which now look like one row of pickling cucumbers.  Then come the beans. 



So each day you will find us out in the garden picking or in the house blanching beans or canning pickles.  🙂  Today we picked the cucumbers and while I type here the last batch is in the canner.  A smaller picking today, just 10 jars.


My favourite Dill Pickle recipe

A nice sprig of dill

1 t. br. sugar

1 T. pickling salt

Several garlic pieces

1/2 c. apple cider vinegar

Fill with cucumbers and then add boiling water.  Put on lids and then steam can for 15 minutes.  😀

Next week, I hope to pickle some beans, they are so delicious!!!!   I’ll post about that when do them.  😉

A view of our garden when looking to the west from our front porch.

Spring is Slow in Coming

We experienced a long winter and now a spring that is slow in coming.  We have had some really pleasant warm days and then it gets cool again.  But winter is behind us and summer is coming!


Yesterday we enjoyed a lovely day working around our little homestead.  Garden was tilled again, “new” compost boxes in place,  grass mowed, and some more pruning done in the raspberry patch.   I was also able to get 5 tractor bucket loads of manure dumped on the garden, thanks to my dad!   Once the next couple of rainy days pass and the garden dries up, we will till the garden again and then begins the fun part…  Planting!!


So that is a small update on our life here on our little acreage.  🙂  Taking full advantage of the sunny days as they seem far and few between.





I know it has been some time since I’ve last updated here!  The days turn into weeks and the weeks into months and I still haven’t taken the time to post.  I need to change that!  This is my journal of sorts and I don’t want to forget these precious, yet very busy years.  So I must schedule time each week for my humble blog.  🙂

Trying to grow potatoes in a bin this year…. So far they look great!

 Where to start?????

Well our garden is doing well, thank you Lord!  We have been harvesting beans and pickling cukes.  I have peas, but here’s a very honest moment from me…  I know the peas are ready, but I haven’t even taken the time to pick them.  They fell over and that is the only patch of the garden that is weedy.  I’ve come to think that peas are not worth the time it take to pick and shell and then you have just a tiny bowl to show for it.  So next year I’ll just plant a row and trellis them right away and just enjoy them for eating.  That all said, I’m hoping to pick them tomorrow.  🙂  I just have a couple rows…..

 Beans are doing really well, I have many large ziplock bags full in the freezer and I’ve also pickled a few.  Yum!!

 Pickling cukes have doing well and so far I have close to 60 jars.   No signs of dying back yet…..

 Right now as I write up this post I’m cooking a large pot of relish!

Everything else is growing well and we are staying up top of the weeds.

So that is a garden update….

Garden from the front porch…..

I’ll save other updates for the next few posts…..  For now I must take care of the relish!

Fall Harvest

We were blessed this year with a bountiful crop of potatoes.  These are not just small potatoes, they are medium to extra large.  I’m so thankful for this blessing.  It was such a dry summer, but the potatoes did very well.  Thank you, Lord!

My potato diggers.  We enjoyed a great time digging up the potatoes together.


This was just the first couple rows, we had about 7 rows total and we have dug up about 7.5 bushels.  We will be enjoying these all winter! 

Bountiful Corn

We picked our first big picking of the summer!  I was surprised and so very thankful on this blessing.  It was so dry for so long, I did water the garden where I could, but still that is not the same as a good rain.  Anyways, surprisingly we are harvesting a good crop of corn.  This was just a start, we have more to pick tomorrow!  Thank you, Lord!

I also picked basil and made a batch of pesto.  I am hoping to make a few more, I’m freezing it and looking forward to enjoying it all winter.  🙂  It is so delicious on tomato sandwiches.  🙂 Here is the recipe if you are interested.  🙂

Pesto Recipe

2 c. basil leaves

1 c. almonds

3/4 c. olive oil

1 tsp. salt

2 Tbsp. lemon juice 

1 lrg. cloves of garlic (or to taste)

parsley & oregano (optional)

Process in blender till smooth
Tomorrow I hope to make more pesto, freeze more corn and pick tomatoes to make salsa.   Sounds like another busy day!  The Lord is good!