Our Garden in Early July

I thought I’d share a few pictures of our garden.  We have worked hard to stay ahead of the weeds.  With a baby due anytime, I’m happy we have been able to do this.  We will see how things go once baby dear arrives….  I have lots of help  😀



My trellis of morning glories, they should be up at the top by August.


My little spot of lavender, it smells so lovely!


Our beans, green, purple and yellow and they are all in flower.


After the beans, comes half a row of dill and then a row of flowers.  Lavatera and calendula. Next are the tomatoes. 


The tomatoes and so far they are doing wonderfully and look great!  Some are already flowering too. 


Two rows of peppers…  growing a little slowly, but they look good. 


Pickling cucumbers


Second planting of corn, this has since been weeded and I tilled down the rows. 


Winter squash and the first planting of corn. 


This is showing the other end of the dill row, I have basil and broccoli here.  

I missed getting a picture of the section of garden between the two corn patches.  There are have some sweet potatoes, kale, and melons in one row. Carrots and radishes in another row.



Our long narrow garden, here I have onions, summer squashes (different varieties of zucchinis) , flowers, red cabbages, slicing cucumbers and garlic.


the zucchinis


The raspberries are ripening!  😀

So far this has been a good summer for the garden.

Now we just end to have the baby!  😀


Always Cleaning To Do

Since coming back from our trip, I’ve been busy with homeschooling and our regular activities plus getting some deep cleaning done. You know there is always a need for that!

So far I’ve gotten the dining room completed, that included things like washing the walls, window frames plus cleaning and organizing the hutch. I went through the drawer in the hutch that I had hardly opened since our move almost 6 years ago. It feels good to get rid of stuff and see empty places that were once filled with clutter.

Next room I spent a bit of time in was the laundry/mud room. There I completely cleaned out a closet and organized another closet. I’m not quite done in there yet. Hubby and I have been looking at the room and looking at ways we can change and improve it. I’m not happy with sharing the mud and laundry room together!  It’s a small narrow room and if we were building again we would not have a shared mud/laundry room. Some things you learn by experience.  When we built this house I was just excited to have the laundry room on the main floor, I did not really think through the logistics of how the mud room and laundry combined would work. It was in our house plan and I assumed it was good. LOL. Anyways we have some ideas in place, not sure when we will do the work though.

Next room was the main bathroom.  That involved cleaning and organizing the cabinet and giving the bathroom a good cleaning. The children have been helping me with the bathroom cleaning, so I figured I’d just do a good cleaning since I was in there. Always makes me smile when I open a drawer and see how organized and tidy it is. Of course weekly or twice weekly the bathroom needs cleaning, but knowing the cabinet has been cleaned makes me feel good.
This week I’m tackling the master bed room.  I’m looking forward to seeing a room that looks inviting and a quiet haven for hubby and I. Our room isn’t too bad, but it has some clutter and I should go through the closets and drawers and get rid of clothes not worn. Baby is still sleeping in our room, so there are times I’d go and tidy it up, but he is napping.

So that is what I’ve been busy with along with my usual day to day duties. There is always laundry to wash and meals to make and most of all my family to love on. ❤️
I’ve been kind of following “Organized Home-New Year Cleaning Challenge” and it’s been helpful and given me a boast to get some of these things done before gardening season starts up again.

New Fish And Alphabet Letters

Recently on Pinterest, I saw fabric letters and a magnetic fishing set.  I was looking for some homemade toys to make and put in their stockings and thought these would be perfect!

The first thing I made were the alphabet letters and I hunted though my many boxes of scrap fabric and founds lots to choose from.  It kind of happened by accident, but I found some fabrics to coordinate along with the letter.  A – airplane print, B – baking print, C- car print, F- Farm print, H- heart print, J-jungle print, L- ladybug print, P-purple polka dot print, Q-quilt print, S- sunflower print, T- tool print and so on.  They turned out really cute and I’m hoping in the new year to help our 4 year old son learn his alphabet.  I made them for him.  We need to get to learning our letters and recognizing them individually.  🙂  Anyways, I had a lot of fun sewing these up!
 I made two fishing sets and did it a little differently then the tutorial I used.  I saved myself some time by not sewing the fish right sides together and then having to turn them right side out, stuffing and then hand sewing the opening closed.  I just sewed them up the same way I did the alphabet letters and pinked the edges.  🙂  They are really cute and the little boys have had fun playing with them.  I love homemade toys…..  As I was looking these up just now to share the links, I came across this tutorial.  Looks like a fun way to do it too!


Another project I did was balls.  I sewed up two balls for baby Joel using this tutorial.  I sewed up a large and medium ball.  Along with the stuffing I put in a bell.  I think I’ll try a small sewing a small ball too.  🙂 They are cute, its take a bit of effort to make them look rounded, but it wasn’t too hard.  These balls are perfect for in the house and they shouldn’t break any windows.  😉

All of these projects were made out of my stash of fabric scraps, the only thing I had to purchase were washers and magnets.

It has been fun sewing again and I’m hoping to do more in the new year, I do have to get my sewing machine looked at though first.  It has quit working, but thankfully I could borrow my mom’s machine and complete my projects.

I also sewed up a couple decorative hearts for my oldest two daughters to hang in their room and they turned out sweet too.

I have discovered that I  miss sewing!

Next up on my “I would like to do” project list is-

  1. quiet book for Joel –  so many cute ideas on pinterest!
  2. indoor tent or tepee for the children – Again on Pinterest (this would be a fun addition to the playroom)
  3. Doll  –   just because….  😉
  4. Fabric bins – these look interesting and I need bins to organize my sewing area.  Not sure how much the pellon costs thought, but I have fabric!  😀

Just to name a few, plus our youngest daughter wants to learn how to sew and I have a easy quilt already cut out for us to start on.

Slowly working my way back into sewing…..  it has been rather enjoyable too!!  Just need to set aside a bit of time each week after the school work is finished for the day.   I’ll have to see if I can take one afternoon a week or every other week to put aside just for sewing/crafting during the winter months.

Anyone want to join me in making a quiet book?  This would be fun to do with someone!!  🙂


Love You All Around The World

I found this in my drafts and thought I’d share it, even though I wrote this one year ago to the day!  Some minor details have changed, but not the fact that I am living my dream and have been so blessed!!


Before I head out on some errands or even before hubby heads of to work. Our little boys (especially our 3 yr old) will say, “I love you all the way to China and back, or I love you all the way around the world 5 times!” The number will change every time, but it is sweet to hear. They have no concept of how far that is, but to them it shows they love me/us a lot. Too precious!!

My days are full, but I wouldn’t trade this for anything. Recently I was with some friends and we were talking about how our men dream and I mentioned on how my hubby dreamed of having a family room dedicated for listening to music and he got the room when he built the room in the basement. I then said it was good to dream and then I wondered if I was living my dream. I thought about it afterwards and I am indeed living my dream.

I dreamed of …..
having a family
raising our family out in the country
owning chickens
milking goats
growing a large garden

The list could go on and yes, I am living all that!

I’ve been blessed with….
A wonderful husband
8 beautiful children
Living out in the country
Own a flock of chickens
Own a couple goats who are due to kid in the next month or so

New note… Goats herd increased to 4 does, but one mama passed away this past summer.  😦 the rest are doing well and I’m looking to breed them all soon.

Large garden plot
Beautiful dog and puppy  Puppy is full grown now  🙂
Pet cats
Warm cozy house, even if not quite finished it is home sweet home. ( A bit more trim is up!)

Far too often I take things for granted and forget how blessed I really am. I guess I allow myself to get buried under my own made to do lists and really don’t take time to smell the roses along the way. So it’s my desire to make our life simple and enjoy my family and our life on our “homestead” and take the time to really stop and smell the roses.

 So it’s my desire to make our life simple and enjoy my family and our life on our “homestead” and take the time to really stop and smell the roses.

Good reminder to myself……  I need to do this more in the new year……

A Peek Into Our Afternoon

Our morning went by rather quickly as it was filled with a piano lesson, grocery shopping, coming home and unloading van. Then putting away said groceries, feeding chickens and getting a late start with school. But school was pretty much done by lunch time, so the children worked in record time!

After lunch, I wanted to do a load of laundry and maybe take a bit of time to sew. It just depended on how baby napped.

I got the load of laundry in the washing machine and while the some of children were playing outside and another was playing quietly by himself as you can see in the picture below. I had a few minutes to sit down and sew.


Baby was sleeping peacefully nearby in the swing….


I wanted to sew an apron and I actually managed to get is sewn! Not all in one sitting, but it’s finished. I’m pleased with how it turned out.

Anyway, while I was sewing, I also did some preschool with one of our boys. He was quite happy to do it as it has been hit and miss with him since the birth of our baby.


Overall it was a good afternoon. The children couldn’t stay outside for long as it is pretty cold out right now. When we were out this morning it was -14C. Not weather you want to be out long in. But the fresh air was good for them and they came in with rosy cheeks. It was their idea to go out and play in the snow as we haven’t seen much snow here this winter.

A happy baby boy who is 2 months already!! 😃


Frozen Cake??

Recently we took a trip for a few days to see our country’s capital city and most of all visit friends.   While visiting with our friends, we moms baked a cake for one of the evening meals.  My friend was talking about icing the cake and our 4 yr old heard that.  It wasn’t long until he asks, “Can I have some frozen cake now?” LOL

I love the things little ones say!!  🙂

Our energetic 4 year old, who will be turning 5 in October. He is looking forward to doing school. 🙂


I’ll post more about our trip in the coming week…  😉

Canning Season 2014

The harvesting/canning season has begun here.  First it started when we went strawberry picking as I made 46 jars of jam, not quite enough for one a week for the next year, but close!  🙂  Then came raspberries, surprisingly enough we got more then I was expecting from our patch.  Not sure of the count there.  Now we are busy with green, yellow and purple beans and pickling cucumbers.


Bean section of the garden… Plus sunflowers. 😀


First section of the garden… Right to left, flowers, basil, lettuce and dill and then two rows which now look like one row of pickling cucumbers.  Then come the beans. 



So each day you will find us out in the garden picking or in the house blanching beans or canning pickles.  🙂  Today we picked the cucumbers and while I type here the last batch is in the canner.  A smaller picking today, just 10 jars.


My favourite Dill Pickle recipe

A nice sprig of dill

1 t. br. sugar

1 T. pickling salt

Several garlic pieces

1/2 c. apple cider vinegar

Fill with cucumbers and then add boiling water.  Put on lids and then steam can for 15 minutes.  😀

Next week, I hope to pickle some beans, they are so delicious!!!!   I’ll post about that when do them.  😉

A view of our garden when looking to the west from our front porch.