The Goat Herd

I thought I’d share a few pictures of the goat herd. I just started separating the kids at night and milking the mamas in the morning. This morning was the first morning that we had cold cereal for breakfast since I’ve been milking and some of the children told me they liked the milk!  I agree the milk is good and you can’t tell it’s from a goat.
Back to the goats…….

Cordelia and Cranberry  🙂 The youngest set of twins.

Our youngest daughter with the goats.  She also loves being with the goats.  She has her favourites.  😀

Our youngest trying to catch Hero.  🙂  He loves the baby goats ❤



There is Toby, our buck.  Since he has been moved away from the females, he and Izzy our calf from last year have become great friends. 

 That’s a bit about our little herd.  We also have chickens, chicks, plus a cow and her calf.  I was milking the cow, but after my trip last fall to Mongolia, I didn’t pick it back up, she was not nice to milk and now I would not try it.  I won’t risk our baby.  She is a kicker!  Goats are so much easier to handle and milk.  🙂


Spring Time on the Homestead


Holly and Hero

Holly and Hero

It’s been a while I know!  Life has been moving on and days are busy and full, although I do sneak in a nap just about every day.  😉

Near the end of March, our first kids (twins) were born, a week later another set of twins joined the flock and then a week later, the last doe also had twins.  Pictured above are the second set, Holly and Hero.  🙂  All the kids are white just like their daddy.  I was hoping for a bit more colour since the mama goats are black and white and one of them is mostly brown, but the kids are real sweet and so fun to watch.  We named them Max and Maddie, Holly and Hero, and Cordelia and Cranberry.  I’ll have to get  a picture of them out in the pasture.  I’ve started miking the mamas once a day and am very happy with the amount of milk they are giving.  I enjoy having our own milk!

This past week, I finally got the raspberry patch weeded and mulched.  I’ve been working slowly on this project as we have had a wet spring here and plus being now 31 weeks pregnant,  I’m not as agile as I usually am.  I’m planning on planting a garden this spring and counting on the children to help me keep it up after the baby arrives.  I love gardening and can’t imagine not having one, I’ll down size a bit….  The children are a big help and one of our daughters has already said she will pick and snap the beans this summer.  She loves doing that.  🙂

Baby news!  We are having another boy!!  This gives us 6 boys and 3 girls.  The last 4 will be all boys….  The 3 younger boys have so much fun together, it will be cute to add in another boy to the mix.  Sisters were hoping for another little sister, but God knows best and gave us a boy.  We are looking forward to meeting him and the count down is on, about 9 weeks left!  They will be busy weeks too. Still haven’t yet settled on a name for him yet.

This is a tiny update of our life here on the homestead.  🙂  I need to go out and separate the kids (goats) from their mamas for the night, so that I can milk in the morning.

Meet Isabelle

Last Sunday was an exciting day on our homestead as our heifer,  Maybelle gave birth to her first calf.

Meet Isabelle ( Izzy for short)
We were at church and just finished going through our prayer and praise time in adult Sunday School when my mom sent me a text saying our heifer was in labor. My parents were heading out soon for the day, so I went home to see how she was doing.  I got home around 10:30am and went to see how she was doing.  You could see just a bit of front hooves. I went in and changed and went back out. Maybelle seemed to like me there with her and was mooing softly when I came near. My dad and I were out there with her until about 11am and then I went in to get a snack and my parents had to go.  I came back out to her and she was lying down and having regular contractions.  More of the calf was showing and I could see the calf’s nose. She pushed for while, but couldn’t seem to get the head out. I then noticed the calf’s head was turned so I gently pulled the calf’s legs during a contraction and out came the head and the rest of her body followed. I was so surprised!  I was curious to know to find out whether we had a bull or heifer and was happy to see she had heifer!  I helped clear the calf’s nose and mama was soon up and cleaning up her baby while the whole time mooing softly to her. Izzy was born at 11:18am.   Izzy was up on her feet in about 15 minutes. I saw that all was good, so I headed back to church.

It was a full morning, but good! When we arrived home, Izzy was nursing and she has been doing very well so far.

Brand new!

I’m hoping to milk Maybelle so that’s coming up in the next few days. For now I’m letting mama and baby bond and Izzy needs all the colostrum she can get.

Update: This has been in my draft box all week, but I’ve been training Maybelle for milking and it’s getting better.  I couldn’t expect no kicks, that would be just too easy.  LOL   Tonight’s milking was the best we had yet, so I’m encouraged!  I wasn’t going to give up!   Izzy has been with her mama the whole time and so far Maybelle is letting me have her milk.  So nice having our own milk again.  🙂

So that’s a bit of a update on our little homestead.


We Have A Kitten In The House

The title says it all, but I’d like to share that we have a new kitten in the house!   She was one of the kittens from Callie, the barn cat.  She is just the sweetest, most adorable little kitten and we are all enjoying her.  🙂

Here is Kadasha.  🙂

She attacks the stuffed animals around here too. 🙂

It’s so fun to watch her scamper around, jumping at this and pouncing on that.  Song, our other cat, is not quite impressed with the new addition to the family, but she is s-l-o-w-l-y getting use to her.  As long as she is not pounced on, she is ok.  🙂

The little ones love her, but I do have to remind them to let Kadasha have down time. 🙂

Farm Life…

We now have our third goat and I named her Moon Dance.  She is settling into her new home nicely and she should kid in a couple months.  Slowly we are building up my dream farm!  🙂  I’m milking Morning Star now and her milk is delicious.  I just separate Moon from mama for the nights and let him be with her all day.  He sure doesn’t like to be away from his mama, but so far this is working out well. 

Moon loves to be on top of the world….
The children love to go to the barn and spend time with the goats
Kittens are another favourite attraction at the barn.  Callie had two and they are both so cute.
B. with her kitten, it was her cat that had the kittens.  🙂
Mama (Callie) and her girls. 

So that is a our short farm life update….  I was going to post more, but while I was sitting here, I heard something fall behind me. I had totally forgotten that I was making bread in the Bosch and it was rising for a bit.  Well it rose so high it knocked the lid off.  I’ll need to shape the dough into loaves in just a few minutes, so I’ll post this and share more tomorrow.  🙂  It sure is handy to have my desk here in the kitchen, but sometimes I forget I’m suppose to be doing other things.  LOL

Moon Pics

I know this is  bit blurry, but Moon does not stand still for a second.  LOL  Here he is trying to jump up onto my lap.
Just because Moon is cute and so funny to watch, I thought I would post a few more pictures.  
K. loves him…..  🙂

Waiting for him to come, as soon as they sit down, Moon runs right over to them.  🙂  
Giggle time…..  🙂


Middle of March Update :)

So it is already the middle of March!!!  Yay!!!  I’m so ready for spring to arrive along with the warmer weather, spring breezes, open windows and all that goes along with that.  🙂  Come spring!!!

This past week went by so quickly!  Since the girls had no school, I kept our homeschooling week very light.  My plan was to just do math, but one son got sick, so we did math on 2 or 3 days.  That is ok, next week we will begin in earnest and see if we can be done school for the summer by May.  🙂

In other news, we have a goat/s!!  We have selected two does, and we brought one home about two weeks ago and she kidded last weekend.  She had a healthy boy and he is so adorable!!  Both are doing well.  🙂  The other doeling is still with the buck and we will bring her home the beginning of April, so just a couple more weeks.  

We named the doe Morning Star and her baby is Moon.  🙂  Moon is a frisky little fellow and when we sit in the pen, he loves to jump onto our laps, we like to imagine that he thinks he is mountain climbing.  LOL  K. just loves being with him and giggles when he is jumping all over her.  So cute to watch!  I’m hoping to milk the mama at some point.  Right now I’m letting the baby drink all he wants.  🙂  So that has been a bit exciting!!  I was there for the birth….  Morning Star is such a docile doe, I’m hoping it works out well for us to milk her and we LIKE the milk.  🙂  Growing up we had goats and I don’t remember goat’s milk tasting any different then cow’s milk, but now I’m older and I’m not so sure.  LOL

In the sewing “room”,  I was able to sew one skirt last week for R.  She really needs some new skirts.  I was hoping to get a couple more sewn, but the week just went by to quickly.  I sewed up another diaper last week!  Now I’m out of snaps….  So I need to order some more, I do enjoy using cloth diapers and think of the money I’m saving.  hee hee  🙂

At church, we just started a monthly ladies Bible study,  we are going through “True Women 101 Divine Design” by Mary Kassian and Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  It’s an eight week study, but we will be doing it once a month instead.  🙂

“True womanhood is a distinctive calling of God to display the glory of His Son in the ways that would not be displayed if there were no womanhood.” John Piper

It was a good discussion.  Our purpose in life is to put God on display – to reflect His glory in ways we as women were uniquely created to do. I never quite thought of this before.  I’m so enjoying our church!  It’s been so good.

So that is in a nutshell of what I’ve been up to lately.  🙂  Life as a wife and mama can keep one very busy, but I’m happy and content in my calling here.  God is so good and I’ve been so blessed.  🙂